Blizzard all you care is for is money ye?

So GOD DAMN tired of handing you cash and you obviously dont give a !@#$, You never take a break and wonder why ppl leave this rat infested game?

23 min in Queue for a so called EPIC BG, Wohoo i come in 2 healers holy paly and disc priest and no tank this offcourse VS russians.

Do you ppl really enjoy that %^-*ing mix? As you can imagine we have like no !@#$ing heals, holy pala with 1 aoe heal more or less and the disc. we failed hardcore after 10mins i leave due to its NOT %^-*ing playable and i get 15 min !@#$ timer for doing so.

I have a family aswell you think i can spend all frigging day for a BG?

23mins wait
10mins of really WORTHLESS play
15min Deserter timer
48mins of %^-*ing horse !@#$ is what WoW game me today, I dont even dare to queue once more but for the post i did awsome down to 19mins queue maybe i get in at 21mins now then.

Seriously shape the hell up, your queue system sucks donkey balls and tbh only pisses me off and makes me hate the game.
yea they call them epic because the are 40 vs 40 the thing most players blacklisted in legion so they gave them their own bracket and higher rewards to try and draw players in. Most wernt fooled and keept on playing the small ones because lets face it 40 vs 40 is just a giant lagfest or a rush to the boss and zerg it
I feel you so much, those days can be a pain in the bum. The healer issue I wish they would focus a bit more on :/
Oh !@#$.... they care about the money?! No way. This was obviously that they care about money. But the thing is that 7 years ago their products were better
Instant leave when you see Russians. Its tiresome that this problem is not getting fixed. People should create more threads about this known issue. We also have lag if we have a match against Russians.
Yes :-(
same and its sooo great when your teams instantly botstupid vs russia wow just ban ppl who spam let them win
It's not like Blizz can create healers or tank out of nothing.

I'm certain their tech is looking for them, but if none are queueing up, what do you expect them to do? Every blizz employee to go online and play as a healer or tank to satisfy your need?

This is a player issue, not a company issue.

Your queue would be longer if it would only pop if it didn't fill up those spots with non-tanks/healers.

and Let me guess, your group zerged?

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