Thick Hide

So in Legion you took from us 10% Thick Hide reducing it to 6% with the excuse that leftover 4% are put on Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds legendary.

Well, now that you took Ekowraith from us, when is Thick Hide coming back to 10%? Hmm?
This is just another nerf to our original kit.
Consider that we also had Berserk and Infected Wounds before the artifact.
Both were removed and stupidly rehashed to be artifact traits.
Neither were returned when the artifact was removed, leaving us as the only tank without a DPS cd and snare. (Ok Monk has no DPS cd but they do have a lot of synergy and much higher output than Guardian).

Blizzard seems to forget things like this, and it's partially why Guardian is the way it is now, with no synergy, no interactions between spells besides Gore (Unless you spec for it) and missing so many QoL things.

The changes aren't helping either. UV on the same row as WC. Great. Not only are we the only tank that has to spec in to a gap closer (rest have it baseline) we now have to choose between utility and basic, normal tank kit. Again with the snare.
Blizzard have lost touch with what Guardian druid identity should be, and in doing so have left us lacking on even the most basic of utility compared to every other single tank.

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