fury does decent dmg right now?

I tried my fury warrior once again and was surprised that my dmg output was pretty good. even with bad gear
Yea its really fun and strong when you get gear.

Check the power out


Search "high warlord Cräft - fury unleashed" if you don't trust the link
When Raiding or doing Mythic + Dungeons with my guild (who are all well geared and have strong classes), with flasks and food I'm always top dps on boss fights.

The current problem with Fury is that as opposed to Arms or other classes, the cleave or AoE burst isn't as strong, which means you lack a little bit in Mythic + where you have larger groups.

But with the right talents and some boosts (flasks and food) you can do some serious damage, I generally have a solid 12-13k dps without going crazy all that much. Besides it's more fun than Arms because the class feels better and plays better as a whole.

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