Any relatively easy pets left to get for me?

Pet Battles
Ive been working my way towards the 1000 pets mark for Hearthy. Currently sitting at 975 pets, with only ridiculously overpriced ones on Ah left.

So i am wondering, am I overlooking any easilly collected pets out of those im missing in my collection?

But I know a bundle of more pets is comming in 8.1. And Im steadilly collecting pet charms to buy more.
Woes, woes upon the volatile API so I can't load your character!
No matter.

  • It seems you're not going to get Horde Pet Charm pets any soon, are you?
  • Freshwater Pincher is available to both factions.
  • Get that Tortollan Seekers rep for Cou'pa!
  • I assume you keep doing Wailing Caverns weekly for the Spore, good luck! :)
  • Felclaw Marsuul is a reward for Family Fighter, not sure about your performance but it's slightly easier now in BfA.
  • Ghastly Rat, Ghost Maggot and Spectral Spinner are a feature of WoD Garrison. The way to get them is seasonal, but their presence is permanent once you unlock them. I've got them, and will be glad to share them if you wish, I think several other players aswell. :)
  • Sumprush Rodent can be shared too, but for a very short time. I don't think people get there anymore, I have not. I think Gráinne knows more.
  • The next timewalking is MoP timewalking, don't forget to get Paradox Spirit and Infinite Hatchling.
  • I can recall Fox Kits and Living Fluids being moderately cheap, I can see they're more expensive than then though, and I don't know what you're aiming for…
  • …but I see you've got Francois, and if it wasn't the riskier way, I guess you'd be able to buy a Lost Platysaur (100k).
  • Amazing answer, Remte! Lot of work there.

    Sumprush just needs spending some time there. Do the prequest if you haven't already, farm the mobs for the tokens,
    buy the Crate and you're done.
    Nope, no horde chars, nor do i have energy for them.
    How do you unlock said garrison pets? I know its for hallows end.
    Good one tho, I shall ask around.

    Ive maxed all BFA reps, but ive been buying other pets with my charms.

    Foxkits and living fluids is 40k+ on my server, too much imho.
    I have about 5000 timewalking thingies on my char.

    And does this help for viewing my uncollected?
    From what I can see, the halloween pets only persists through the event, then fading again.
    No, the Halloween pets are part of the Halloween decorations, and can only be bought that week, but the pets persist through the year unless you remove the decorations. I kept them too on one of my alts' garrisons ... somewhere.
    just aquired the 3 of them. and with 4 cheap tcg pets im now up to 983 pets.
    Got the brilliant idea to check out one of the bigger servers. Gods, they have tons of missing pets for far more reasonable prices. Threw down for a token.
    Hit 1000 pets after a shopping trek on Draenor. Gawd their AH is slooooooooow!

    Lil Hearthy at my side now, time to level him!

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