Old silithus

It just pupped up on my head, Why no one is leveling in silithus?
It had it's own quests so why?
Because it has like 10 quests or something?
10/10/2018 23:46Posted by Cedrad
Because it has like 10 quests or something?

Plenty more than that.

But how do you know OP? Are you monitoring every levelling player?
10/10/2018 23:46Posted by Cedrad
Because it has like 10 quests or something?

Why would be there a leveling zone with just 10 quests?
What will be the point?
10/10/2018 23:22Posted by Waygos
It just pupped up on my head, Why no one is leveling in silithus?
It had it's own quests so why?

Silthus is more for lore and funn . Like someone said you don’t have quests . But later if you want some quest transmogs you’re gonna go there and quest , and farm twilight text. I personally love everything related to old Gods especially about twilight cultists
It was never a leveling zone.

It's really far down and it's really late in the level 60 curve. Back in the day it was also quite dangerous so it was avoided, after that it becase a hassle to get to, even more so since you can get into outlands from 58, which is around the minimum you'd get to Silithus itself (used to be a 58-60 area).

After the revamp and it becoming a level 40 area, it's just not worth it compared to doing dungeons till you get to draenor.
Because there are better zones to level in.
The main draw of Silithus used to be the AQ Raids, but as the level cap got higher, those Raids lost more & more favour.

Getting stabbed by Sargeras' Sword was the biggest thing to happen to Silithus since the AQ gates opened, but still didn't promote it to the Premiership of zones.
Its actually not that long time since I leveled character trough silithus. I think it was during legion when I was leveling one of the new allied races back then.

Never again.

YOu say there is no one there? I say there are too many people.

It seems max lvl characters were farming some rep there? I dont know what they were doing. Nice doing quests there (which amount is far less than in any other zone, i think).

Then there are a few quest mobs that have respawn rate of about eternity and can be only tagged by horde or alliance. Doenst share kill. With respawn timer of about 15-20min (which is worse than some quest mobs in tbc content with ye olde respawn timers) you might be sitting there waiting for a single quest mob to respawn.

Simply put...when cata came, I dont think blizz really paid much attention to silithus when they "updated" vanilla quests.

TLDR: Silithus isnt worth the effort.
you have there couple of quest Blizzard spoon feeded us 2 months

and ofc there is quest with guy !@#$ting in WC, you after killing a TITAN go to bring him some %^-*ing paper

dont even bother dude..
Insects and flies really give me the creeps. Its a really dull dreary zone. Has plenty of quests but you always finish up going down one of those holes or hives. The swarm in the tower was the one that really put me off the place. It all feels like a rotting world.

I sense the guy that designed Desolace probably also designed Silithus. Bet he was a fun chap to go drinking with. Not.

Max levels can fight in the Twilight camps cus they scale and can probably get good XP for their efforts. Beware when ever you go there cus it scales to your level. And that was before they introduced scaling.
10/10/2018 23:51Posted by Iggwilv
10/10/2018 23:46Posted by Cedrad
Because it has like 10 quests or something?

Plenty more than that.

Still it has very little quests, not enough for the level range it had. It was the only zone that wasn't revamped for Cataclysm.
There are about 60ish quests from what I remember, before they added stuff for people above 60.
honestly i never went to silithus because it was such a long way to go to get there
Think I've done the zone about 6 times... that's more than enough to not do it again.
Even back in the days with the gate event it wasn't that great. Not bad either... just mediocre.
Got my first level 60 there after three or four months of playing, or even more (don't remember), in 2005. Ah, nostalgia :)
back in the day u had to have first aid and antidoes made in silithus :P
The quest are an old style quests. with looooooooooong walk from north and south and from east and west. So it's better to go to winterspring to kill some furbolg or to cata revamped Blasted lands.
Not quite sure what makes you think that? I leveled there on this character.

It was defi worst zone I been to thou. It was kinda jarring actually especially when doing it after Ungoro which was great zone imho.

It was pretty neat when I was sent back there for necklace and thought "Wait a minute why can't I just fly there using flight master?" And then I saw that huge sword in a distance.

Ooh most of the zone got annihilated at end of Legion? ... Good!
Cause Old Silithus was terrible. It's a bland zone with no interesting quests. I remember someone a while ago saying they should just blow up Silithus and I guess Blizz took that advice cause blown up Silithus is way better. Only reason I'd go to old Silithus is for Nostalgia.

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