too much AoE abilities

Pet Battles
generally I like new pet battles in BfA except master pet tamers pets use (again) too many AoE abilities, so it's hard to level L10-15 pets if ie 600HP pet can't survive battle even if it only sits in background.Example : Eddie FIxit with two pets who use three AoE ab. combined, all of them damaging your background pets... also, AoE spells generally IMO "break" a bit the whole pet battles system (how you can't kill something what even doesn't fight ? ) so they should be special, used carefully not a standart (2-3 turns cooldown on all AoE spells could "fix" this).
Dont try to level pets in BFA pet battles. Do it in pandaria and draenor. Nearly no aoe there.

And theres nothing wrong with aoe abilities, its something to make use of. And the naste aoe abilities does have big cooldowns.
Note: The BfA tamers also yield less experience (think Nicki Tinytech level). Therefore, they're more suitable to level 16+ level pets when you start slowly turning to Battle-Training Stones, and need something to ensure you can prevent partial levels/overcap.

On a contrary, I think finding a way to avoid the AoE repercussions would be a nice challenge to have achieved. :)

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