Your character and Azerite.

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Azerite is something we find in abundance OOC, but IC is probably significantly rarer and much more coveted.

What do your characters know about it, if anything? Do they own any? Maybe they've had a chance to experiment with it.

I'm curious how this mysterious substance is weaving it's way into plots, being a central plot point to the expac and all that.
She snorted a nugget of it once, and promptly happened to find herself in battle with a hated foe.
Orc rage ensued, followed by Azerite-enhanced fire calling. It got very messy and unstable. Would not use again.
Crowton here has used a couple of pinches of Azerite powder for shooting them bloody Horde scum with a cannon. He also created his own poison, which works on undead, but requires the liquified version of Azerite to work. There’s that.

From what he knows it’s probably just along the lines of sensible, AKA “This is an important mineral, the war effort needs it”. And to be quite honest that’s what most people know. Then again there’s the fact Champions of Azeroth exist, meaning that probably there’s a pretty sizable chunk of people who also know about it being the Azeroth’s blood.

Now, give me my damn Azerite doomsday weapons in Orgrimmar from the mission tables and I’ll be on my way. I want to nuke something.
Chucklegrin knows nothing of it. Hasn't touched it or even seen it.
Valistrophe has not crossed azerite personally, seeing as her research is focused in a different field. She has not actively went out of her way to find any. Although, she has heard lots of it through acquaintances who are involved in the eye of conflict.

Val would be very interested in studying its potential, though. Azerite is arguably the purest form of arcane, after all. However, her intentions would probably be focused on storing it away from war. Perhaps find a way to put it to better use, rather than producing glorified cannon balls and gun powder.
All Hongyu knows is that people want it, so it must be valuable. Asking a lot of coin for it would be the way to go if she ever got her hands on some.
Desartin here has held a sample once when it was being shown to him by other paladins in Hearthglen. He felt invincible and had entire strategies coming up to help the Alliance win the war against the Horde. But he actually felt frightened by that sensation, and seeing the Horde's Azerite Warmachine in action during the Battle of Lordaeron, aswell as the Doom's Howl and Lion's Roar in Arathi Highlands, only further cemented his feeling that azerite is too dangerous in the hands of mortals.

So instead when he comes across some, he will try to send it to the Champions of Azeroth instead.
Gladston hasn't a clue what Azerite even is... and I doubt he'll ever really understand properly.
Azerite empowered Monk.

That's pretty metal.
I'll be honest, I'd be a lot more interested in Azerite if it wasn't everywhere. All of its effects on people would be cooler if it was some kind of rare gem or something. As it stands there's so much of it everywhere that I find more of my characters just not talking about / dealing much with it at all.

I mean if a lil' chip of it can make your mind go full flawless mode it's just silly powerful in those quantities. It just doesn't seem rare to me, when it's sprouting supposedly all over the world and it's as present as it is OOC, even if were to say that it was more rare IC.
Bearan believes that Azerite is a gift from the Earthmother, offered to us to destroy the sword plunged into Silithus, and should then be rightfully used by the Tauren and Horde to destroy the Alliance.

He's a very simple man.
We should hang out.
I may or may not have azerite.
I snort it daily.
Laurenn wants an Azerite wand. Hasn't ever touched or used it in any way, but she's rather curious about what it does!
Capitalizing on it every day in increments according to the market.
Gaeb is very wary of it. He witnessed a small demonstration of its destructive powers by a gnome engineer, noticing that even the engineer was wary of it. He concluded that if even a survivor of something as horrible and incomprehensible as an irradiated city is wary of it, it must be extremely dangerous. Especially given that the gnomes themselves possess the most brilliant and sharp minds within the Alliance.

He has also touched a small piece of it prior to that, not suspecting any effect. He wore armoured gauntlets when he did so, so nothing happened (not entirely sure if that's lore-correct, but otherwise it must've been a dud).

Furthermore, due to Chalice Hold's (our guild's castle) location in the Wetlands, he has been approached by Alliance officials requiring him to temporarily store azerite there before further shipment off to the front in Arathi. Due to his mistrust of the seemingly volatile mineral, he has tried to stall this as much as possible. In pre-emptive response to what may be unavoidable, he has commissioned scholars to conduct research into wards against azerite, if at all possible.
Banrhun was informed about in on the Druidic Moot in Hyjal and knows about its origin and importance. He has, however, never seen it before and he was not with the druids who went to Silithus during the War of Thorns.
He sees no way to aquire it as of now, so he would prefer that nobody can. He simply wants it to go away from the surface back to the bowels of the earth where it belongs.
She neither knows much about it nor cares. It's just another shiny rock, and shiny rocks aren't really her thing.

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