[H]Blood dk looking for raiding group

I'm looking for a 3 night (3-4h) raiding guild.
About me:
I've (re)started Blizz reams in BFA, and things went well but my former guild disbanded.
I'm a Hungarian university student learning software engineering. I'm living in a dorm. Any raid night is good but on Saturdays i'm home (meaning from a laptop, and sometimes i get BSOD-s as it's old).
I've curve and mythic mother achi. Would prefer not to downgrade.
Preferred raiding times are at night form 19:00 - 23:00 or maybe a bit later but not over midnight any day of the week except Saturdays(as said above).
I don't mind progress and vipeing (viping??? unsure) over and over on a boss (eg.: i have 15-20 vipes on Zek'Voz and didn't feel the need to complain about it, found it natural), if there's progress % wise or any other wise. I do what raid leaders ask his words are "absolute" to me, and learn fast. Showing up, flasks, potions, food, are a non issue. I can take criticism on the chin, if it's constructive and not just lasing out on me.
I can be some be sometimes offensive and i've a very dark humor, so if you have guyz that can be offended easily i'm sorry i'm not for you.

Contact me ing by sending a mail to this character.
Hey mate heres our message: >The Crimson Tide< 8/8HC 1/8M, Recruiting all roles to fill the roster. Raiding days are WED/THURS/SUN. 20:00-23:00 server time. /w for more info.
We pretty much are recruiting all classes of spec and role to fill the roster. We are currently trying to prog mythic but we still lack some consistency in regards to people showing up on a weekly basis, if this interests you please do let me know mate :)

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