I hear this sound (in game) when I play my druid..


every few minutes, and I don't know why.

I don't have a pet out, just random ...


Am I just imaging this??

What does it come from, how can I turn it off??
i might go level a druid just to hear the meow .
Its mystifying...

Maybe its an add-on doing something.
Do you use the add-on "Weak Aura" ?
I think there is a "meow" sound alert that can be used with this.
I do. I have gone through it, but go more deeply through every WA I have.
I have a WA with "Meow"-effect to remind me when Incarn is off CD.
It will most likely be that, cause outside of WA there's no Meowing from us... sadly :P

WTB /Meow like taurens have /moo...!
I have so many WA, wasn't able to find it. It is not tree of life, don't usually play with it.

I will just disable WA next time I play, see if that's it.

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