Feral suggestion

I have been playing this game since 2006, my first character was druid, really like this class, but, in my opinion, it needs some improvements.
1. Bring back Cyclone to feral druids, please. Replace mighty bash if that is necessary, we already have Maim as a stun, and in 8.1 you are going to remove PVP talent Enraged Maim anyway. Additional CC spell with a different school would be really helpful (I think, you can even take away Hibernate with Bash). IF that is going to happen it would be really nice if you added that with the talent Sabertooth Maim also increased the duration of Rip.
2. Leader of the Pack has to be baseline. This talent has always been present. I think, it would provide pvp players as well as pve players with really nice dmg increase and survivability.
3. Make "Jungle Stalker" baseline as well. I know, Incarnation has to be "the big button", but to be honest nearly all ferals are just taking that talent without thinking, because it is certainly one of the strongest burst cooldowns in the game and this additional effect which allows you to use Prowl makes it even more dominant. In my opinion, it would be a great change because then people would pick something else more at least I would! Chance to vanish once in 3 minutes would not make ferals suddenly the most OP class in the game, but definitely one of the happiest!
1. Leader of the Pack baseline
2. Incarnation baseline
3. New Sabertooth Utility or Soul of the Forest Utility baseline
4. Feral Frenzy and new Scent of Blood has to be looked at (undertuned), especially Feral Frenzy is just on the wrong Row => Bloodtalons and MoC have Allround strength in ST and AoE
5. Otherwise Feral Frenzy and MoC have to be on par with Bloodtalons. Bloodtalons should be left for those who really like this Faildesign. I want to see how many they are.
Well, I think, Incarnation baseline would be a little bit OP :D
To be finally a Single Target Beast so that everyone understands it, no, it wouldn't.

You can tune down a bit for PvP, but PVE (M+) it's needed.
28/10/2018 19:50Posted by Bekrynn

You can tune down a bit for PvP, but PVE (M+) it's needed.

I actually hate when there are different numbers in pvp! :D
Anyone else?
Also would love to get Claws of Shirvallah as a glyph <3

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