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Twisting Nether
Hello there reader!
Looking for a new guild are we? Recently returned to the game? Your old guild has died out? You're fed up of playing alone? Or you're simply looking to upgrade to some place with that little bit extra? Then boy do I have good news for you - you've already stumbled across the ideal guild for you, and you didn't even know it?! Fancy that!

Rival originated in Cataclysm and have been a successful raiding guild on and off ever since. In Legion we strived for Cutting Edge, most recently in ABT, and saw great success, bringing together top-level players, fun-seeking casual players, and every other form of online escapist to form a thriving and hearty community.

Now BfA is upon us and Rival are looking for all men, women and children(?), to take arms, and join our ranks in a fierce battle to make YOUR World of Warcraft experience all that it could be.

What we can offer to you:

- a relaxed and fun, yet highly competent, raiding environment
- a mixture of PvE events to cater to all skill levels
- considerable progress at a top end raiding level in a push towards back-to-back Cutting Edge achievements throughout the expansion
- regular and frequent mythic+ runs including competitive teams that are ever-growing in number

- weekly RBG group events (potentially more frequently depending on demand)
- regular arena groups for fun or for rating

- a patient and co-operative officer team with everyone's best interests as their main priority
- achievement runs for the completionists amongst us
- the opportunity to participate in organising guild groups and events - a hierarchy to climb if self-fulfilment is your goal
- constructive criticism displayed in a professional manner
- competitions such as mythic+ tournaments, with in-game rewards
- an active Discord to network and socialize
- a professional YouTube channel to celebrate our victories (to come)

What we ask of you:
- to be polite and considerate towards all fellow guild members
- to have a laugh and have a generally light-hearted attitude (this is a game after all - enjoy it!)
- to enjoy Azeroth as it was meant to be experienced, together, with friends and guild mates
- to speak up if there's a guild matter that you don't agree with


What are your raid times?
- We raid two nights a week: Tuesday/Thursday
- From 19:00-23:00 realm time, each night, with a break in-between.
- On Wednesday we have optional runs, including boost runs to earn ourselves some much-needed gold, achievement runs, or HC/NM runs (when progressed on to mythic) amongst other reset activities.

What if I'm unable to attend a raid?
If it's a one-off occurrence, let the raid leader know in advance in order to allow preparations for your absence, considering we are only a 2-day raiding guild, near 100% attendance is expected with only unavoidable absences.

How can I apply for the raid team?
Logs will be scrutinised and achievements will be compared to form the best roster possible in order to achieve Cutting Edge. Detailed knowledge of your class is expected, and you should be confident in vocalising your thoughts and opinions on how we can improve to make the fight easier for everyone. We will raid competitively but we'll have a laugh in the process, and enjoy the night together.

There is no formal application process, just message an officer in-game, and we'll have a chat to gauge whether we share any common interests and whether or not this is the team for you, if so then you will be offered a trial period on the team, in order to judge your performance, following which a permanent spot can be offered on the basis of that trial.

What platform do you use for communication?
We have an efficient and highly active Discord channel which we use during raids and other activities, as well as to chill or just have a chat.

If you have any further questions feel free to add one of our recruitment officer's battletag and we'd be glad to answer any of your questions in-game:

Thank-you for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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