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I'm currently playing as Horde on Sylvanas, but it feels empty as H is only 14% of the realms' population, so 99% of the players I'm seeing are from other realms but I cannot interact with them for trading and guild. The AH is seems overpriced too.

I want to transfer to a more balanced realm (population wise), and checking a few stats websites it turns out Kazzak is the place to be for Horde, but Defias Brotherhood seems to have an almost 1:1 faction balance.

I'm not a hardcore PvP guy, I like to enjoy everything that the game has to offer (social, questing, raiding, PvP, not skipping cutscenes etc.), would this be a problem if I go for DB?

TL;DR: Which is the best suited realm to transfer to, from Sylvanas, as Horde?

Draenor has by far the largest Horde population but you can get lag occasionally.
Hello from Dreanor - yeah we rule as horde here.

Many progressive guilds.
Many pve opportunities if u have time.

Long que time to log into server.
Expansion and major patch launch always get messy here. This expansion lauch was worst for us.
Also unusal lag problems.
You find many elite and toxic people.
Kazzak is 99% Horde,

Never have to queue. Always people about. Cities are busy. AH is busy.

Always see alliance questing due to cross server. Really can’t recommend Kazzak enough.

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