What's the best build for outdoor content as prot?

Just wondering because I like mass pulling and killing everything so I'm looking for highest dps as prot. Thanks
all you need to masspull and kill is unstoppable force kinda. into the fray is good for haste aswell and demo shout for the extra 15% damage taken, but just follow the regular warrior recomended tallents on icy-veins / wowhead / any warrior doing m+ on the ladder and thats it kinda.

Pull all you want to pull -> pop avatar and demoshout -> thunderclap like a thundergod -> loot -> repeat.
you need dem gladiator stance s.s why did they remove it.
11/11/2018 21:13Posted by Gulduck
you need dem gladiator stance s.s why did they remove it.

Oh god... Are you mentally impaired? Stop it, boy.
For you Korugar,

i recommend you to go for:

Lvl 15 - Into the Fray
Lvl 30 - Bounding Stride
Lvl 45 - Unstoppable Force
Lvl 60 - Bolster
Lvl 75 - Rumbling Earth
Lvl 90 - Booming Voice
Lvl 100 - Anger Management

This is basic option exactly for what you want.
Lvl 15 is Into the Fray best option, because you will always have around you 5 or more mobs. And 15% bonus haste? Why not, right..? At lvl 30 you could actually try Crackling Thunder, but you will prefer more jumping around trash groups, trust me. That's why Bounding Stride is better option in that tier. Lvl 45 is Unstoppable Force best option, because thanks to Anger Management, you will have Avatar active very often... And as you said, you like killing everything and destroying around you, which thanks to this and boosted Thunder Clap you will! Lvl60 is Bolster only option... There isn't better talent in this tier. You will always go for this talent, at any situation. Lvl75 boosting Shockwave = more mass cc, more mass destroying. Lvl90 means more dmg to all enemies around you thanks to Booming Voice, which will boost your Demoralizing Shout. And finally lvl100 tier will be always Anger Management. Again, there is not better talent in this tier... Lowering cd on many important abilities for "free" is just something you can't miss in your talent build...

Hope it help you and wish you good luck on battlefield!

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