Class which is doing well in pvp and pve?

Hey guys i want to make an alt and i ask you which class and spec is doing well in pvp/pve.
Feel free to write down your opinions.
Im deciding between all rogue specs or ench shaman.
I prefer melee.
Retirbution Paladin in open world PvP 1v1 is virtually unstoppable, I know I am.

I'm also close to 370 item level so that's average.
Anyone xD ?
Beastmaster Hunter is crazy OP
Rogue is good in both PvP and PvE
Most Tanks*
Most Healers

*Tanks are terrible in arena tho~
Thanks Jesi for your suggestions :)
Rogue is a beast in arena, insane damage and inasne utility, paired woth amazing cds. Has access to the best comp in the game since TBC, namely RMX.

Rogue is mandatory for most dungeons, due to his crazy cc, his lock abality and his dps (again).

Rogue and world pvp = 1 since this game exists. Your stealth is a big advantage, you can vanish, blind your 1V1 target to run away if things go wrong, and you can kill certain classes in stun lock without them being able to answer one single tap on their keyboard..

Go for rogue.
Rogue/mage are good bets, just from sheer probability. Assuming you are open to playing any of their specs.

They both offer three DPS specs, and more than likely (probability) one will be good in PvP and pve.
BM Hunter in all content.
In warcraft logs BM hunter is in good place...
Balance Druids are also good in both PvP and PvE.
Rogue, Mage, Demon Hunter, Monk
Mage has always been a safe bet for both, PvP and PvE.

That's the one thing that doesn't change in WoW, but you have to be open to play every specc they offer, because that does indeed change.
Rog mage dh boomkin war
Warriors Rogues Mages DHs Druids
Demon hunters are both very good in PvP and PvE.Both fiable in 2v2 and 3v3 arena comps ,if you have watched this years blizzcon you would see DH was pretty much always picked.

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