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Just a question.

I rarely post anything on the forums but a lot of the affixes just make certain dungeons impossible or just stupid, the pulls don't really make sence.
I am quite experienced with doing some higher keys like 14-15 i main a demon hunter in mythic plus and last week was awesome because the dungeons were actually possible.

This week Teeming & Explosives are on the list...
We found out last time that all the little adds of boss fights with adds drop explosives? What an amazing idea!...(not)
For example this way the last boss of Shrine became almost impossible because the little adds drop explosives?
to defeat that boss after countless wipes we found out that you can use a sketchy badly designed floor where you can line of sight the explosives exploiting a lowground in the floor.
IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS WAY! We are quite experience as a group we know eachother pretty well and we were having massive problems on it.. i cannot imagone how random guys joining a random party in the group finder would deal with this.

This week we just failed a kings rest because we strumbled upon a pack that was just... i dont even know how to call it? it consisted out of a Hex Priest(infested), Witch doctor, Spectral Brute(wich was not patroling around but standing still inside the pack), Spectral berserker and another hex priest without infested. they were not splitable in any way and pretty much is a huge wall of bouncers saying hahaha nope ur not old enough....

I see a lot of problems coming back in dungeons where the affixes don't make any sence, that it REALLY feels that there is no one of the team who is testing or checking this, if it is actually fine or not. It feels we get left out and that nobody is testing it before it goes live. If there was a testing team doing that specific pull i would love to see wich key they did it on and what their gear was at the moment and how they did it. Because i would rate it UNDOABLE for a group from the group finder.

My love in this game is raiding but because of my schedule during the week i can only raid in the weekends so i do mythic plus during the week or when i am not raiding in the weekend. It is the main content i do and i know for sure it is for many others aswell. I just feel left out because of these things and this actually brings down my level of fun that i am having while playing the game.

The raids are awesome and i think i should give the love where it should be the raids are awesome and i am really loving it this far! they are really beautifull and some of the fights are really well designed. The other main content in the game in general is mythic plus.. It just doesn't feel it gets the same amount of love it should get. I think these things should not happen and i think this is a reason for a lot of players to quit the game. So many players play this game to push high keys and to do like REALLY high content pushing 18-19 keys etc and then strumbling upon these kind of things will not bring any good things.

These are my opinions about the current state of mythic plus. I know as a fact that i am not the only one having massive problems with this and i know A LOT of players either from my guild or from my personal life/ingame friends whatever, who are actually avoiding doing mythic plus at all or even a couple quit the game because of these things still happening so long after the release.
It feels it is not getting any love and it feels that it is REALLY questionable who is in charge of all of this.

I would love to have a response of a admin or someone who has more on this. This is making the game bad and i have invested a lot of time into world of warcraft i am loving the game as it is i have been thru the ups and downs but this just feels like it is getting out of touch with the community.

Best Regards <3
Qudnam - Silvermoon

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