Is it better to sacrifice DPS for utility?

If you spec to CC more and focus on interrupting everything? Would your DPS take a hit sand would groups be ok with that if you have lots of utility? The CC on top of shroud/unlocks and what not

I know you should do that anyway, but many people don't because muh dps

This is more for M+ btw. No real interest in pvp
Interupts aren't on the GCD and don't affect your damage anyways. And CC is built into the rotation and only a very small dps loss. In M+ (10 keys and above). You should use every single skill you have.

All your defensives/self heals should be used regular. And all your stuns should be used as much as possible. Or you wont even finish the key to be honest.

CC/interupts takes wayyyyyyyyy more priority over dps. And as a rogue you'll be top dps anyway using all your cc/defensives/kick. If your in good kit/know your class.

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