Forming a M+ boosting group!

Twisting Nether
As the title says, I am looking for 3 other like-minded individuals who would like to form a boosting group for M+ keystones. Currently I am in a need of a tank, healer and another DPS.

The comp itself is barely important as we would be boosting 10s for weekly caches, however I do ask for at least a semblance of M+ experience and awareness of each dungeon, pack and boss.

Personally I am extremely experienced with boosting M+15 keystones in Legion from Nighthold all the way to Legion's last week, even being able to take 2 boostees at the same time in Antorus gear.

    Around 1,2k Raider.IO score (as of writing this)

    Availability in the evenings

    Character with gold on Twisting Nether (in case you want to boost on your alt/main on some other server)

    Patience and good attitude (seriously, I don't want you to quit if we don't find a buyer within 3 seconds of posting a tradechat macro)

    Willingness to do it throughout the expansion

Once we have the team assembled, we will make arrangements as to which day will be our boosting day, and we will do it for as long as we have buyers (or collapse in our chairs :P).

If you like what you're reading and would like to do it, add me on

Bump, only need a dps and a healer!
Need a healer!

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