who develops affixes should be fired

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the new dungeons suck with what ever affix there is. they are not made with affixes in mind. fx them or fix the damn dungeons, they are not fun at all
Seconded. Sanguine is not compatible with 2 dungeon %100. for other dungeons all roads are narrow. Teeming is ridiculous in some dg like tol dagor , especially underrot with extra pack in the middle of bridge. Fortified teeming week was horrible as nightmare.
30/10/2018 17:24Posted by Scubadiver
the new dungeons suck with what ever affix there is. they are not made with affixes in mind. fx them or fix the damn dungeons, they are not fun at all

Yea, any other things while they're at it? Jail them?

The affixes are fine, maybe sanguine is just a bit too much for, say, WM, gets annoying really fast but if you know what to do, it's not an issue.
Its funny because I got the same feel. While Im not a top M+ player, I did run enough dungeons back in Legion (did +15s on time with all classes but played more on some than others). Despite of M+ seeing its first days back then, it felt more right overall than now in BFA were dungeons were "made with M+ in mind" (yes, that actually was a claim!).

To put it more in context without going into too much detail, we had the bats on the stairs in Black Rook Hold back in Legion that were absolutely broken with necrotic. That clearly felt like oversight but it was not a huge deal with we could just skip this dungeon for the week if we dont like it that much. Now, in BFA, many of the affixes can create nightmare situations on multiple dungeons so a rational player would probably have to avoid like half of them.

And I dont even want to get started on the change in terms of at which levels affixes kick in, what that means to pugging and how pugging itself is becoming much more of a necessity as people in guild/friends list are not interested in running more than a few keys a week.
I don't mind the affixes so much, but I get the feeling nothing was actually checked prior to implementing them into BFA dungeons.

The rapid hot fixes they had to do for explosive is pretty much proof that no testing was done and likely hasn't been done on many of the affixes.
@Orlen, you don't mean to say that they would release a game like this as an unfinished product and fixing things on the spot? How can you say that!!! :-D Shame on you Sir!!!
Some affixes just make certain dungeons hard/not fun.

Try getting good.
I thought M+ is about the challenge for all the pro players here. strange to read whining about it
Owwww now we're getting the Pro-card :-D M+ is for pro players, the rest can go take a hike :-D
Just came from a SotS +9 with quaking and bursting.. oh what a joy!
Doing this week affix with randoms is not fun at all.
Not only does yellow mobs stack bursting, but quaking is through out the whole dungeon.. why cant it just be in combat like most of the affixes?
Clearing a pack to then drink and getting interupted 1 second into drinking by quaking or reviving a player and having to start over again because of quaking.
Not fun at all, its just annoying. I would rather have grievous instead cus atleast that was a challenge.
with this week of bursting and quaking only thing i dislike is the fact that quaking can occur during non combat. other than that i never had problems with the affixes.

for example sanguine in wcm? it is harder on that dungeon than some others true but u can easily play around it by pulling mobs to open spaces.
bad englisch inc:

people used to run +10-12 without a problem.. with +15 people had to know what they did

now 6-7 is good for most players that are used to run 10-12 in legion

to do a +10 in bfa ( in time ) people really need to know what they do..

as a 376DK tank it is easy to get into groups BUT i only did like 3-4 runs in time..

and why cant i time it ?
well... seems u need a good group to do so ( what a suprise.. )

ideal, i make great pulls & dont fail to keep aggro.. dps push around 8/9k and the healer times his CD.. we make it in time no problem..

sometimes i got 3 dps with me and they push 11-12k dps yet we cant time it, why ? i make some bad pulls or the healer cant handle it..

the timers are alot tighter than in legion YES

i dont care for my rio.. i just want to do a few +10 for weekly and the rare hope for a WF/TF item..

first, i join a group "not pushing, just for weekly" i get my +10 finished.

but i like to run m+ and as dps its hard to get a +10 finished.. i start building a key to +10 to run with people from my guild so they can get ther weekly +10 finished

last week i deleted 4 ×10 keys just because the dungeon where !@#$..

i just build keys to get WCM,motherload,freehold, kings rest or underrot.. those are easy dungeons to help gear some friends..

we need to pug 1 max 2 dps into our group

i list it: "weekly, read note"

note: not pushing, just for weekly be chill no rage /w if u want a invite

we ended up with 3 melee dps in a quaking week.. dungeon ? WCM..

dont be suprised.. we didt make it in time

all i can say... BUILD A KEY or make friends to play with...

i always set notes to people i add..

can be
"sick m+ rogue"

but i also got people

"bodypuller, but chill"

just join ladymoon, crazy people we suck 9/10 but we get %^-* done

i think we are the only guild who lack dps... 70% = healer or tank

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