Island Expeditions are great! but...

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I did lot's of Island Expeditions so far - not necessarily to farm pets/mounts (though I love to get those), but just because they are quite enjoyable for me.
Even though the amount of quests and events is naturally limited, the randomness of the islands give me the feeling there is always something to explore.

So first of all: A big thanks to Blizzard for this new kind of scenario in BfA!

However, after all these fights I'd like to share my ideas how to even improve the islands. Essentially it's all about the timing of events.
For sake of clarity, let's say "those azerite golems spawning" is "event A" and "the later random spawn" (elements, dragons, pirates, naga, ...) is "event B".

Event A is a little repetitive, though I get the idea behind it: The amount of azerite there is so huge that both teams are forced to go for and fight for it.

Event B on the other hand is very interesting. Being random is one thing, but there are weather effects, portals, new drops...
But it's triggered so late that often times you don't get to kill even one of the elites before the expeditions ends.

I wonder what the reason behind this might be. I think it's quite possible that it's intentional so that your team is forced to buy more time to farm the elites by crippling the other teams progress. However, I'm not sure if this is a good thing.

My suggestions:
Option 1: Remove event A altogether, trigger event B a little earlier.
This would of course lenghten the total time of the expedition by removing the event A azerite.

Option 2: Swap events A and B
Total azerite would stay the same, the kill of the now late event A golems would probably end the match most of the time.

Option 3: Split up event A into A and C, where A is the group of smaller azerite guys and C is the big golem. This way, event A would still be a important source of azerite and lead to team fights, but event B would remain relevant. An even later event C would eventually end the fight in the rare cases where the match is not yet decided by that time.
Island Expeditions are great! but...

...but they are crap.
I agree, the guaranteed spawn of Azerite elementals is a huge part of the reason why all the expeditions feel so similar.

I would like to have them changed to be a occasional spawn like any other invasion (dragons, elementals, vrykul, etc.). Either that or have the amount of azerite dropped reduced severely. So many times by the time an actually cool and dynamic event happens (frost elementals or dragons attacking) you need less than 1000 azerite before victory and you barely have time to fight the elites that drop the cool rewards.

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