I expected nothing. Blizzcon 2018.

And was still disappointed.

Everything they talked about were matters we were already well informed about, or at the very least expected. No boundaries were pushed.

Ythisens recently posted; "At BlizzCon you’ll be hearing us talk mainly about what comes after Tides of Vengeance. We do plan on discussing some of it, but as many of you know, BlizzCon is where we typically talk about longer term goals and plans."

Yet their WoW segment so far, has revealed -nothing- beyond the scope of the games most immediate future. And nothing beyond what we've already learned about through mmo-champion, wowhead and the like.

Personally, I had one single wish, it was very simple. For them to announce Vulpera. I had sort of accepted this as a given. Because our beloved fox friends are already fully animated in a way you'd expect from a playable race, it's really just a matter of flipping a switch. The real questions which remained were.. which allied race would the alliance receive in return. What other allied races would be announced. What about racial armor and mounts, etc. Instead, we got -nothing-.

They could have done more, but they didn't.
I expected nothing either.

When I finally got to open computer much after blizzcon had already started and went to check news. First thing I saw was "diablo mobile game". I laughed.

Then I went to look for more stuff. Everything is "i dont care about this" or that gnawing disapointed feeling inside me.
At least we got Zandalari paladins.

That's good enough.

But RIP the Diablo Franchise. I guess I'll never truly get that its dead.

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