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Hello there!

As you might see, the title is slightly weird but I think it's a good summary of an issue that I believe is serious enough but not many people are talking about. Contrary to how I post in General forum section, my aim is to give nothing but feedback and some solutions that I really hope that a CM, developer or designer will read and maybe get some idea of.

Who am I in the raiding community?
I am a person who has always favored raiding over anything in World of Warcraft, in terms of features. I have always been trying my best in raids and wanting to succeed. I would love to raid on multiple characters if that was possible however my guild does simply not offer it and what I favor more over any feature in WoW is social interactions. Enough about me, this was just to get an idea of who I am and what I like to do and spend my time doing when I am on World of Warcraft; plain and simple: raiding mythic.

The Problem
I logged onto my mage yesterday and I saw that my augment rune was still on 30 minutes buff from Wednesday's raid and I was very stunned by this idea of that I haven't logged into my main character (mage) for a few days now. Today is our second raid day (Sunday) of the WoW-week and I will have about 20 minutes remaining of the buff when I login at 20:00 today. It made me think differently of how it is now versus how it was in Legion. It occurred to me that there is a very big problem for a player like me: raiding is very slowly dying, but not for me, for the community.

Compared to Legion I would log onto any of my characters and raid pugs no matter what just to get items. Now I don't because guess what, I don't need to and it ends up with me not even wanting to log into WoW anymore at all. I do not have a headcount for this so it's not a valid fact but: I have seen less pug groups being made for Uldir than I saw for Antorus. Maybe it's because of different reasons, I don't know but each time I checked, there's been less groups in general.

Before I continue, because it's about to get messy, I want to say that I don't believe that there is one problem and one solution. I think that there are a lot of factors playing a big role in this but let's start talking about the many elephants in the room.

Gearing is easier right now than ever before
Raiding for a lot of players have been a type of character progression. You go to the raid, you kill bosses and you feel rewarded because you have done something with others that was either on mediocre level or more difficult (talking about either heroic or mythic). You get the item that is an upgrade (sometimes it's not but hey) and your character has progressed. Right now, you go to a warfront, you get an item for completing it with minimal effort (let's stop lying to ourselves, it's very ridiculous) and you gain character progression. This itself leads to problems like learning curve imbalance in the game, split communities and other issues that I will not be covering.

Yes, I did write it. Before you go full claws on me, hear me out. I strongly believe that everyone should have "their thing" in WoW that they enjoy, yes even LFR should be a thing (since it was already implemented and basically it can't really be removed now) but I agree that these systems are very good because they satisfy players and a big portion of the community. But I think it would be very delusional to say that it had absolutely nothing to do with raiding becoming less popular, hence the definition of slowly killing something off. M+ is one of the features I believe that revived WoW and that made a lot of players come back, have a fair challenge, but it really also shut down a lot of raiding. And it's not the fact that mythic+ is smaller grouping, it's faster or because it simply is better streaming content. No. It is slowly killing raiding because it gives the same type of character progression as raiding does: loot. Namely one specific type of loot which we will be going into next topic (technically next post because I ran out of allowed characters!)
Azerite Gear
This has been a very big topic whether it is good or bad for a very long time now. Content creators have suggested how to improve this, has criticized it but in my opinion, it is in the game so for the time being, we have to live with it no matter if we like it or not. What I find funny though, for me, is that in M+, you are able to get azerite pieces that gives benefit to anywhere in the world or whichever feature you are doing, whilst in raiding it will give you the same deal but a bonus if you are using it while in the raid. Let's for a second ignore the fact that M+ cannot give azerite gear though (I'll come back to this don't worry), but let's say you get it in the mythic cache (that you need to complete a certain key level every week to receive a certain ilvl item). Raiding and warfronts or pvp in general are divided into their own categories because the traits you get from these features are aimed toward their own content, but mythic+? It will give you something that is BiS anywhere. This means that you need to do mythic+ in order to get the best thing. In fact, if mythic+ did give azerite piece at the end of the dungeon (or had a chance to at least) it would ruin raiding even more I would say. Before you had to raid in order to get the best PvE content gear, period. Now checking charts for almost all DPS specs, you will see that M+ will give the best traits without counting in the array buff of course.

Another problem with specifically azerite items in raids is that the amount of value primary stats have is too much. I had a piece that was with Laser Matrix (for frost mages the Archive is better) from heroic difficulty. I then got would get the archive one from normal, but the laser one is still better even though the archive one is best trait. The problem was caused by the solution of "higher ilvl should be the thing you always equip" which for me is very silly. Character progression beyond all is what I say, screw item level. It should just be a number for dumb people. Same deal with if I want to cast my spells faster I should focus on haste, not whatever gives me most intellect... But the primary stat is so over-powered, this is what it has caused.

With tier items I needed to have them in order to do relevant DPS and it pushed me to try to get them harder on even my alts, so I farmed even normal in order to get them. Only thing I didn't like with tier items was that previous raid-tiers were still relevant for some specs, but that can easily be fixed by returning to the 4/5 (max bonus/max pieces) tier piece availability that once was in the game instead of 4/6.

Any solutions?
Remove mythic+. Just kidding, don't do that. It's the wrong move and even I can agree with that. I can live with doing a +10 every week or later on +15 just to get the highest possible chance for mythic cache reward. What I cannot live with is that I am seeing the part of the game that I fell in love with, slowly dying. Give the players more reason to raid, that's the solution or simply reduce the reasons for players to do other content. There is a big portion of the community that doesn't care, they simply don't care. They will do whatever gives them the best shiny pixels, use it as a carrot. Reward the players who give a duck about the difficult level, those who succeed at least. I am okay with not getting something from G'huun mythic for instance, but again we can see that the very final boss in a very hard raid (since a lot of guilds are stuck on 2/8 mythic) offers the exact same item level gear as the other bosses, you know there's very little willingness to make more people raid.

Keep the mythic+, keep the warfronts (believe it or not I think the concept is great and can get far with right management), keep LFR, keep whatever. But give us players back what the game used to be about: killing bosses in our big groups, and I am not talking about those WQ where you just queue up, sneeze on the "world boss" and get whatever WQ reward there was and a chance to roll for bonus loot.

Value what used to be the core concept of the game.

Thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful start of the next week.
i think the reason people aren't pugging Uldir as much as Antorus is in 2 parts

1. The removal of tier sets makes it that you can stuff you character integrally out of raids.
If I look at my DK, I have 5/14 slots with stuff coming from then raid. The rest is M+/Warfront loot and the Darkmoon deck.
Furthermore, the raid isn't spammable like M+, so I only take 4hr out of my week to clean it and then do something else.
I don't have the drive to go PUG normal to get a 355 chest when I can just pick up the one that I looted out of the raid.

2. It's the first raid of an extension vs the last, people haven't levelled up all their alts to 120 yet. It would be interesting to compare Uldir to Emerald Nightmare to see if the expansion mechanics play out a larger role than the position of the raid in the expansion

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