[A-RP Event] Evenings of Magic: Enchantment

Argent Dawn
IC Advertisement. Posters to be found throughout Stormwind, Ironforge, and the towns in the territory of Stormwind.

It is the School of Magic that turns the flashy, beautiful, or even deadly spellwork of mage and priest, shaman and druid, warlock and necromancer, into material form; embedding the magic onto objects, or even flesh, temporarily or permanently, long-term or short-term. And, of course, it is also all about influencing the properties of whatever it is cast upon. This is Enchantment.

This Friday, the Lullaby returns with the third Evening of Magic: Divination. Join us in a lecture with a magical spectacle, offering you esoteric knowledge about the powers that make up this School of Magic.

Are you an aspiring spellcaster, a valiant knight, or merely a curious citizen? Do you wish to learn more about the art of summoning? The Lullaby offers an evening of insight into this exciting subject!

The Lullaby
“The Lullaby” is a free-standing group of scholars created by Dalaran-born and former Kirin Tor student, Sir Ashkaar Laerent Armandel, and now managed by Brill-born and former Kirin Tor student May L. Winters. The members of the organization are magicians that together are deepening their knowledge and understanding in specific magical subjects. While many of the Lullaby’s scholars share a strong, common interest in magic in general, we differ in our specializations and together we sit on a rather large base of knowledge.

The School of Enchantment
On the evening of Friday the 16th of November at 8:30 pm the Lullaby shall host a public lecture on the subject of the School of Enchantment in the Hall of Explorers in the dwarf-city of Ironforge.

For a small fee of 20 silver pieces, you will have full access to almost an hour of education, discussion, as well as educational material by May L. Winters and the other teachers of the Lullaby.

Do you have questions or are interested in joining? Send a letter to May L. Winters, directed to the Blue Recluse Tavern and Inn in Stormwind.

Nibbles and drinks are provided afterwards for a section of mingling and an opportunity to speak directly to the teacher, to each other and to other present members of the Lullaby.


OOC Information

Eh, what is this?
Finally, the lecture I am so excited to present - Enchantment! This will be a quick introduction and demonstration of what Enchanting can do, both as a school of magic as well as a profession.

I am a warrior, can I come!?
Of course! This is for any class and character interested in learning a little more about magic in general, and not just those that might be interested due to their occupations.

Even if I am a… gnome death knight!?
Of course!

Will the lecture feature practical demonstrations?
We always try to integrate practical demonstrations! Of course, we can't give specifics without giving spoilers.

But... you're not mages; you're warlocks! Halp!
Yes, Eredun Lullaby is a warlock-only organization, but during the events we will be acting as "regular" scholars and mages. The subject at hand will not include public displays of demons or dark magic, except for basic magic educational purposes.

You will, of course, not know ICly that we're in fact warlocks without evidence to the contrary.

So why do you do this?
The official reasoning behind this is that we only wish to preserve and spread knowledge about magic. Regardless of what type of magic a caster uses, there is always some fundamentals to consider, and as scholars, such topics are things we're very eager to cover!

Of course, there is a second reason for doing this: we seek to find potential recruits, or even people we can perhaps direct to... darker ways for defending the Alliance, Azeroth... or even furthering personal interests, to a degree.

(Note however that recruits only can be warlocks, so you can’t actually join the guild as another class even if you ICly roleplay to deal with fel magic and demons, etc.)

OOC we want to bring people together, create role play, find possible recruits and spread the word about ourselves a little more, seeing that we are at most times hidden away in Surwich. And, of course, to promote quality role play for the purple tag!

How do I sign up again?
Send an in game mail to any guild member, or simply let us know in this thread or via Discord! Please request an event invite for the character(s) you'd like to attend. You may also find us at the Alliance Warlock Discord server.

Oh noes, I forgot to sign up! Can I still come?
Yes, you can. The sign up is just to give us an idea of about how many that will come, so that we can plan this easier.

Any other questions can be asked here, or at our guild thread: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17616732342

Argent Archives event page:
Su will be there because you said she should come to this lecture to possibly get an answer on the question she asked last time.
How good I booked my place last time. Another lecture, yay!
Can't make it tomorrow, but hope to make it the next! Good luck!

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