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Hi all,

I am finding it a struggle to play as it's starting to feel very depressing, i only do mythic+ dungeons as i ain't got the time for raids due to kids etc etc.

I am quite fortunate though that the runs i do are with guilde's, i would not dare to pug on my own due to my Dps.

For instance, 340 DH done 14mil, 338 Rogue done 12+mil and me 367 done 12+mil.

Now i know i ain't the best player in the world, i am far from it....hey even my guild note i have put "367 and Still SH%T"

Is it my stats? Is it my rotation? Is it both, or is it (more than likely is) and i just rubbish.

p.s Don't think the beers help but hey ho, beers come before Dps.

depends on what kind of pulls ya guys do in m+.

everything below 4 targets? forget it. if the mobs die too fast, forget it. You can be useful in terms of dps on trash once every minute, if your group just bursts through the packs, but that comes at the price of your boss dmg, or if there are a lot of mobs, that live long enough for you to be able to throw out dem EQs.
I assume you guys simply plowed through. Our playstyle right now is wayyyyyyyyy too sluggish for that. Obviously if you cant even gett your cls out, you will never get enough maelstrom for an eq. And without EQ you don't even need to bother trying on trash.
Don't worry they will fix it in a few expansions from now.
Well, moved my gear and stats around a bit, had some luck with azerite gear, to test it out quickly done a low level key, +4 i think it was, came top of the Dps.

Only really came top as i was the highest item level.

368 Myself
351 DK Tank
354 Frost Mage
342 Oulaw Rogue (he came very close to me)

Dread to think how much Dps my son is going to do (Outlaw Rogue) at higher levels....he is gonna thrash
Your damage depends alot on what the tank does. If he pulls 2 groups at once your damage will be very good, if not, it usually won't.

But total damage isn't everything.

I did a +13 sethraliss yesterday and i speced on ascendance (dropping stormkeeper) for some extra dps on bosses which were the real hard part last week. I was under 10k on total but we did it in time and I was first on the lightning boss which is the hardest dps check there. It's incredible how much the total drops without stormkeeper but I think I took the right decision because one wipe on a boss can mean 3-4 minutes lost.

Also, keep in mind that being top total because you used your cooldowns on big packs of easy trash mobs doesn't help much your key time. You cannibalize damage from the other dps.

For example, on the pig boss in WM I was top dps last 10 runs. But the last run I did I was with a monk and a mage which killed instantly the adds and monk got first. Not quite sure how monks work - but for subtlety rogues leaving the adds alive a bit longer will push singletarget damage on boss which is a gain in time - while aoeing them fast down can be good for healer and tank(maybe).

Shamans too have a bit of 'use aoe to boost singletarget' because by casting chaing lightning on 3+ targets you gain more maelstrom which you can spend on earthshocks on main target.

For boosting your total in m+ take note that chain lightning on only two targets does more damage than lightning bolt. So use chain whenver you have at least 2 targets near each other. If there aren't at least 3 targets or the targets are low and can't take the full 6 seconds of earthquake I think it's better to go for earthshock.

Also, if you truly wanna do things for time and not for padding meters use earthshock whenever there is a target with way higher health than the rest.
14/11/2018 15:05Posted by Taurash
Your damage depends alot on what the tank does. If he pulls 2 groups at once your damage will be very good, if not, it usually won't

Totally agree, it can also be a pain when you build up your maelstrom, drop EQ down on mobs and the tank pulls the mobs out of the EQ = wasted maelstrom....this happens very often.

If only EQ done a DOT on mobs after leaving the EQ with some % of that would be bliss.

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