[A] New Guild LF New Players

Hey guys!

Me and some friends wanted to create a guild with a chilled out atmosphere to play together and meet new people.

We mainly do Mythic Dungeons and some PvP (Honestly, we do a bit of everything). The reason for this post is that we want to try our hands at raiding, starting at Uldir Normal and gearing and progressing from there.

If you're interested in joining our guild for: Levelling, PvP, Mythics,Casual Raiding and Gearing up, then please, add me or reply to this post.

There are no level requirements, no need to link your progress, just have a mic and Discord and don't be shy.


Hey there,

i would like to have a chat with you and your friends! I added you to battletag. hope to speak with you soon!
How bugs the guild at the no? Sick of logging in and seeing 5 people at prime time.. Looking for a bigger guild with plenty of folk on later on.
Yeah it's a small group currently, @Chockø. You're probably best off elsewhere if you want a big group. We're relatively active though, outside of work.

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