Just me or there's a not as many people playing?

Honestly, after this years BlizzCon even I am not sure if I wanna stay subscribed. And I´ve been here since the beginning.
I was planning on leveling a couple of alts, but after they announced that they are putting in the lower xp requirement for leveling next patch i just gave up.
I only log in to do emissaries every 2 days now, kinda sad :(

I think many people threw in the towel after knowing there is no point in playing right now and it's better to just wait i guess.
You're right.
Games freaking dead, and anyone who thinks it isn't is dilusional.

Last night spent a good 30 mins trying to get a 10 key done. There was literally about 10 to pick from in that time. And that's cross realm?! Was hundreds a month back and took like 30 secs to get a group.

Been guild hopping on my horde mage to find a busy guild. Most I've seen online is like 7. And there guilds actively spamming chat looking for more. My main guild that's been going many years is dead and people cba to play till 8.1. Friends list gone from 20+ playing wow, to just Me...

Praying 8.1 sorts this !@#$ show out, and brings people back.
Population drop is pretty obvious at this point.

Personally I'm just logging my main during raid evenings, not bothering doing much M+, gave up on warfronts and island expeditions because I am honestly fed up with those.

Finished leveling my rogue 110-120 and got him the thunderfuries artifact mog. Now mostly doing unranked BGs and arenas.

I really hope 8.1 gives us some good and refreshing content.
Gem ded since 2005 waaaahhhhh
this isnt a surprise.
the next patch comes with sweeping changes to leveling new content and right now to spend time grinding new races up when in just a few weeks it will be much easier means most players might be just taking a break.
I can usually find group content on my horde alt and people to do things with. On my alliance main its quite hard. I think that as the holiday season is upon us, people are focused on their real lives and not gaming as much. Let's face it, the WOW generation is growing up, have families and kids, and simply cannot play as much.
Yeah I'm playing Terraria and building my awesome fortress, I've got all the reps, curve and all quests done in BfA. There just isn't anything worthwhile to pursue before the next patch. Zero interest in fishing for lucky TF loot upgrades, I'm happy with my 368 ilvl.

The only thing I log in for is to do M+ with my IRL friends in a friendly matter or boost their alts.
I noticed too most of my friends stopped playing. they say they will return when theres new content. But most of them havent done all the dungeons, island expeditions, warfronts, uldir raid, and probably only at honored still with the bfa reps. Almost like they are done with the game when they hit level 120 and do some dungeons.

Theres plenty of content, but people dont wanna do it for some reason this expansion. I think it is because its very like Legion Light and people got tired of it.
I'm done with raiding this tier.
I've been done with the other "content" long before that.

I'm just keeping the sub in order to sh*tpost in General until 8.1.

Done = bored out of my mind, btw.

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