"PVP" with bots... is this the first time?

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Hmm... all that "Island Expeditions", "Warfronts", new battleground modes... is it the first time bots represent players in the game?

I mean, I have had a suspicion during the legion pre-patch event. The crowd was EXTREMELY HUGE and since I was on RP realm, all of them were from RP realms. And, if that was not enough, there were several instances of the event paraelly, and each had such crowd.

At the beginning, I thought it's just tons of hyped players coming back. But later, the crowd was still heavy, and I couldn't believe it's possible this way with just RP servers.

Then, I remember I saw some guy doing something, wanted to ask him something, I asked that on /s, but he didn't respond, so I asked on /y, he didn't respond, so I /w'ed him... and turned out he was offline? He was still actively playing, moving, using spells, etc, but if I tried to /w him, it said no player with such name is online.
oh but before they do that they gotta ban those who remained in epic bgs
and no their paths giving the enemy free kills and wins are not real player behaviour

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