You're Ideal Allied races

15/11/2018 00:38Posted by Hæyhæ
Well... my top would be

High Elves (A)/ San'layn (H)
Sethrak (A)/ Vulpera (H)
Uncorrupted Arakkoa (A)/ Sableron (H)

Alliance is never getting Sethrak. Maybe they will add Sethrak to the Horde and the new samurai jinyu to the alliance but that's a huge maybe because they never give us such races
San’layn for the Horde
15/11/2018 04:23Posted by ßubbletea
San’layn for the Horde

Oh Great, another Elf.
Smurf or white dragon frog
High elves and vrykul for the alliance.
Sanlayn and ogres for the horde.
Don't want more allied races in game - we have enough races.

If new allied race then vulpera
Half Elf
Wildhammer Dwarf
and some underwater race (not naga)

Mok'nathal (Half Ogre)

And like previous post i prefer more customization on core races - more hairstyles , beards (I would hug a face tattoo)
Tall Gnomes.

I've played as a Gnome for over a decade until recently, because I wanted to admire my armour!

In FF14 I play as one of the Cat races and it's kinda cool (well with my gaming name what else would I be?) , maybe a lost race of catlike people will be found in WoW one day and I will finally live up to my name!
High elf, sun elf, vampire elf, undead night elf - all for the Horde.
Maghar orc with non-garbage racials :D
old skool gnomes
For the Alliance:
High Elf

For the Horde:
Mok’Nathal half-ogre
Dragonmaw Orc
Forest troll (replace Nightborne)
Amani troll (replace Blood Elf)
Ogre (replace Forsaken)
Broken, Ogres, Wildhammer.
Mechagnomes of course! I'm really looking forward to explore their story further next patch!
Lore speaking i would like High elves in alliance (not reply please there is a 5000 post thread).
Interesting would be a sort of lightforged undead with calia as leader. Or nagas.
I like old races from old lore. not vulperas or otrher things introduced after.
14/11/2018 23:29Posted by Annallusion
But id have to go Vulpera/Sethrak, narrativly speaking they seem the most logical choice.

Welp, thank you for reminding me to never rely on you for "logic".
You are ideal allied races.
100% a Naga, probably my favorite race in WoW.
I'd like to play a really strong badass woman and am interested in Old Norse culture so I'd like vrykul and make a shieldmaiden. While we're at it, new class Runecaster. I suppose they would go to the Horde, they need a humaniod race that still has flesh on the bones.

I think the Vulpera are super cute and would really like to play one. They would fit the Alliance.

I don't want any Ogres. To convince me I want to see an Ogre woman first. Obviously they would be horde.

Nagas maybe if they can get legs. Think I'll rather have Sethrak and they fit Horde.

We honestly don't need more elves! Highelves are too close to Blood and Voidelves to be meaningful, but maybe a customizsation. Different eyes and Voila! We have highelves.

I can imagine more elf races if they are a new class as well, those bloodmagic vampires seem kinda fun. For Alliance, we need something evil.

Perhaps undead elves for the Horde, it would be logical, and why not go for the Necromancer people have been asking for ages. Not sure I would play one though.
On Alliance High elves or Vyrkuls
On Horde San'layn

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