You're Ideal Allied races

Mechagnomes and undead elfes.
Halfelf for alliance.

they can be druids ofc :P

for horde makura
Sethrak, Vrykul and Arrakoa for Alliance. Maybe Broken too.

Vulpera, Manari and Drogbar for Horde. Throw in Hozen too, why not?
Not a single person in this thread has said Murlocs.

Do you guys even play WoW?

Just replace all the races with Murlocs.
From the races which would be possible to add :


And from the ones which would be less likely to get added but which would be more interesting than one more generic normal elves :

Naga or red dragonkin which could perhaphs switch forms like worgen do. Red dragonkin based on Alexstrasza elf form would make a sense for the alliance faction since horde has forsaken which are using blight on the living beings and burning down things and red dragons are protectors of life.
I'd tell them to drop the allied race thing for now, focus all their might into introducing a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge customization options for existing characters.

But if it must be an Allied race, I'd probably pick Cult of the damned themed characters, similar to mag'har where you can cycle through most races ( probably humans/nightelves/bloodelves/undead/gnomes ) and have cool sick gothic customizations to them with hairstyles/tatooes/ black eyes and cult of the damnish makeup unique to them.

And I'm willing to change all my characters to cult of the damned cuz of it no matter the faction :D.
Vulpera if they can be druids.
15/11/2018 12:04Posted by Gatherix
Vulpera if they can be druids.

Hehe, imagine Bambi, kittens and baby bears. :D
I'm sorry buy everytime I see the title I can't help but say.

It's your not you're.

Also dryads.
For the Horde I'd like:

Ogres or Half Ogres (with models based on Kultiran male and female) from Blade's Edge Mountains united under Rexxar.

San'layn Darkfallen (undead elves both with night and blood elven models) ruled by Sylvanas as their queen and a as a consequence promotion of Nathanos as Forsaken faction leader and undead human customization for the Forsaken.

Forest Trolls, with the help of the Zandalari, the Revantusk leadership is able to unite the divided Forest Troll Tribes in one nation as they were during Amani Empire, Zul'Aman or Jintha'Alor faction capital, for male Kazrajin model for female jungle troll standard model.

Dragonmaw Drakonaar, after the death of Zaela, there's an internal fight among the Clan leaders, the Horde supports Herzegor Flametusk, who has just discovered a draconic artifact that can turn strong Dragonmaw Orcs into Drakonids. Thanks to this, he's able to turn his followers and him too into Drakonids during combat and conquer the leadership, pledging again the clan to the Horde. (adapted worgen or tauren model)

Hozen, during the Battle of Dazar Alor, the Alliance distrupts Monkey King relax in Hozen Throne bar. This infuriates him and makes him take the decision to recreate the Hozen kingdom. He sends messages to all the Hozen tribes to come in the holy isle of Tel Abim, to SGUGGA the Alliance. (adapted undead model)

Vulpera, after the attacks of the Alliance in Vol'dun, Vulpera have no other choice to find shelter within the Horde and fight for it. (goblin model)

Naga, after having complete their mission to defeat the Legion and Illidan's departure, the Coilskar Naga are left with no purpose. They come to Azeroth to live in her Matron Lady Vashj former home Vashjir. Their years in Outland helped them to see the evil in Azshara's actions and with her power rising, S'theno seeks allies to stop her. Her former Highbornes cousins (blood elves and nightbornes) answer her request and thanks to them the Coilskar join the Horde.

Tortollans, the Tortaka tribe is costantly under attack by the Naga and recently as for the Vulpera also the Alliance has started raiding their camps in Vol'dun. Kimbul who is also a Loa of the Zandalari, ordered the Tortaka Tortollans to join the Horde in order to protect themselves. (pandaren model)

Tuskarr, like many other sea folks they are threatened by the Naga. The Horde is the first to come to their aid in their quest to reclaim Kaskala which has fallen into Naga hands. (pandaren model)

Taunka, Nothrend is even more dangerous than when there was Arthas, fearing the rising Nerubian Empire, the Taunka with the help of the horde created a safe colony in Winterspring in Kalimdor and has started battling for the Horde around Azeroth (tauren model)

Mantid, Sylvanas is seeking a strong ally and the Mantids nowdays have recovered their full power. Thanks to a big Azerite donation, Sylvanas is able to achieve a temporary alliance with the new Mantid empress Shek'zara who advised to do so by the Klaxxi pledged the Mantid to Horde
The Alliance- Broken , High Elves, Dwarves with tattoos xD
The Horde - Ogres, Naga , San’layn
15/11/2018 12:12Posted by Eulalia
15/11/2018 12:04Posted by Gatherix
Vulpera if they can be druids.

Hehe, imagine Bambi, kittens and baby bears. :D

As long as they are smaller than a Tauren, prettier than a troll and can be a druid, bring it on. Even the snake people in Vol'Dun, the Sethrak. Oh and can they please wear boots for a change?
For the Alliance I'd like:

Wildhammer Dwarves, it can be a customization option for Bronzebeard Dwarves but it must work differently. If someone decides to roll a dwarf with wildhammer customization options, he can't be for example a dwarven paladin or a priest, but he can roll for example a druid or a shaman. Also in game he should belong to the Wildhammer Clan faction and have a Wildhammer heritage armor.

Half Elves, after the Burning legion defeat, Dalaran has returned to its former location in Alterac Mountains. Though declaring itself neutral like the Steamwheedle Cartel (who favours the Horde), the Magical Kindgom has still half of its population(human, high elves, half elves and gnomed) that support actively the Alliance under the Silver Covenant faction. Vereesa leads this multirace faction that culturally represent Dalaran and the remaining Quel'dorei, its playable race will be the Half Elves, humans with elven features, Kalec model.

Vrykul, with Suramar and Highmountain under the Horde control, Eyir fears another assault by Sylvanas to her and her Val'kyrs. Sigryn, God Queen of the Vrykuls, understands that her forces wouldn't be enough to protect her Goddess.
Remembering that the Worgen King saved Eyir, she sends a message to Greymane to ask his aid and if he could help the Tideskorn to join the Alliance

Jinyu, Elder Lusshan has vision of the destruction that Azshara is rising. In order to stop her forces the Alliance will need the aid of comrades that can combat and breath in water. He declares that the Jinyu must step forward to protect Azeroth and the Alliance and Jinyu troops start helping the Alliance in the warfare.

Stromic Humans, addiction of thin human playable model another historical human nation represented by a playable model and heritage armor.

Arakkoa, the Mag'har are not the only race that fled from Draenor.
In order to protect themselves from the Lightbound the Arakkoa created the Skytemple a flying ship that thanks to the Apexis crystals has the ability to travel through dimensions. Arrived in Azeroth, the Skytemple crushed against Stonetalon Peak, there they were found by the Night Elves of Archdruid Thal'darah who thought, it was a surprise attack of the horde. The Kaldorei saved the Arakkoa and helped them recovering. But the Night Elves were being chased by an Horde army led by a Mag'har Overlord, who by the case slaughtered many Arakkoa in Draenor. Reconizing the danger and willing to protect their saviors, the Arakkoa fought alongside Thal'darah elves and won. Thanks to these actions they were welcomed into the Alliance.

Junker Gnomes, after the defeat of King Mechagon, they'll be next alliance allied race not very hyped about them ahaha

Krokul, after the legion defeat Akama returns to Outland and decides to unite all the krokul tribe under the Kurenai who have proclaimed him their leader. Understanding the Outland is not a safe place for them, he tries to bring them to Azeroth to find a new home. The lightforged were willing to help them and transport the Kurenai safely to the Swamp of Sorrow recently claimed by the Alliance. Thanks to the aid of the Lightforged the Kurenai pledge themselves to the Alliance once more.

Furbolgs, after the events in Legion Malfurion tasked Broll Bearmantle with a mission, help the Furbolgs of Grizzlemaw to cleanse their city and their corruption. With the aid of many Kaldorei Druids, Broll is able to do so and restore Grizzlemaw to its glory and the Furbolgs to their sanity. As a compansation they join the Alliance to fight with the Night Elves and avenge their losses in Teldrassil.

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