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So should i wait until the 1080 drops in price and get one of those or get another 970 and do SLi Now ?
WoW doesn't officially support SLI. It might work or it might not. In almost all cases faster GPU is better than two slower ones.
SLI compatibility is down to the graphics card makers who need to release an SLI profile for each game they want SLI to work with.

Neither AMD nor nVidia have released SLI/Crossfire profiles for Battle for Azeroth, as both makers are scaling back their SLI/Crossfire support, as it did not realise the extra sales they were anticipating.

Therefore I second the above posters recommendation. Go ffor a faster single GPU, not two slower ones.
thank you for the info
And as far 1080 prices I doubt they are going down as stocks are dwindling (or already out). I'd go for 20xx directly once they are available with decent prices.

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