Broken Arena's

Spent a good hour doing some 3v3's and it seems that its broken in the sense that the same 3 classes seems to be the only teams we are going up against.

Rogue, Mage and Druid... seems the only team that can kill them is a other team that is Rogue, Mage, and Druid.

its pretty much game over when they one shot any of us in our team with the smoke bomb frost nova combo
if you stay in it.. you die .. if you trinket it .. you get stunned immediately .. then DIE :D

anyone got an idea how to beat this, and do not say the healer is bad or so on.. cause remember .. no one can help you in smoke bomb. its the MIST <.< ........


RMD is beaten by RMP, isn't it? Also by Turbo in the current state and many other comps (except on super high ratings maybe).

So depending on the comp you are playing, it's probably/most likely your fault.

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