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I feel like Im the only one reading mechanics before dung/raid. Why are people so clueless in m+ when they should be stuck on heroic? Why is their gear so good if they dont deserve it? They dont know their rotations, what their stats do or what to do in a dungeon. Dont tell me they are there for the first time if they are playing m+7. Titanforging reinforces this heavily as Im aware. Because of this I decided to leave any dungeon, raid or lfr if the players are visualy not deserving the carry. Just read the journal please. Dont get me wrong its ok to die but at least know the mechanics. If mechanics are hard for you do worldquests or grind mobs and dont poison the community with you being lazy and toxic.
Check their r.io, if it's sketchy ditch them beforehand.
How do you want to be stuck on heroic with how trivial it is ? Even normal mythic are so trivial it hurts.
Also that has nothing to do with being toxic.
Well ye I mean they should be stuck back in heroic thats a poor design that they can reach higher level of the game content without understanding it. And by toxic i mean toxic - not wanting to improve and getting aggressive when you call them out for it. I almost feel guilty for trying to get better at this point.
I cant really come up with a solution to make it more bearable but i feel for you. Unfotunately the only solution is to get as far away from those players as possible. In the first 2-3 weeks i didnt really care about pushing and keys over 10 didnt give more loot(fixed now). So i didnt bother to do anything above 11. But I was wondering why the keys felt so "!@#$ty". Like either they are hard or people were bad, but running with guildies felt like a cakewalk. Turns out everyone was already doing +13+14 keys and the decent players mooved on. Its sad that we have to create things like raider io to keep the nubs from ruining our fun.

But at the end of the day what it really seperates is people of a different mindset. So its a good thing that you want to get better at the game. If you think m+ is fun you will get over the big swampy cestpool hurdle and it´ll get better eventually.
Why should people be forced to install addons just to play with you? They should be free to log on and enjoy content, not read literature.

Best wishes,
Because the content demands the reading. Its not fun to be stuck in a dungeon for an hour because someone is lazy.
i like to go in blind honestly, its more enjoyable than knowing whats coming at every turn.
Sure but you cant really do that in raid or high m+. I didnt know mechanics in normal dungeons, but ye i did know them in hc. And mythic frist week was hard even if you knew mechanics. But blizzard swarmed the game with catchup mechanics that let people overgear the content and that leads to these guys spreading havoc in the lfg. It seems like raider io really is the future of this game.

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