[H/A/N Campaign] Ogrepowered; Azerite Island Hopping

Argent Dawn
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Hosting dates - now confirmed: 26th of November to 2nd (or 9th if extended) of December.

Starting campaign map: https://i.imgur.com/0iIPYEj.jpg

The many Channel Islands off the Lordaeron Shore have been left largely quiet since the aftermath of the Second War, with only sporadic conflict between the inhabitants, and only the occasional reference in loremasters’ books whenever their occupants were counted or set sail to other shores.

Just so was it for lesser-known Stonemaul Island. It offered little in the way of resources, and so had only served as a fishing outpost, before it became one of the Old Horde’s landing posts during the Second War. When the wars ended, the only remaining inhabitants were various ogre tribes that took to reshaping the windswept isle in their image.

Recently however, Azerite had begun to surface on the island, as it did on many others. The Crushridge mage Gorg seized on this newfound power, pushing the otherwise largely Horde-aligned ogres aside and banishing them to the rotten remnants of the old Horde harbour; Axehold.

With the battle for the Arathi Mountains still raging hot, both the Alliance and Horde shipped what little they could spare to the island - the Horde to Axehold, and the Alliance to the practically ancient Lion’s Keep - to try to quell the ogre uprising and lay claim to the island's resources.


To whoever letter reach,

Things in Stonemaul Island bad. Gorg no Warlord but want to boss everyone around. When shiny ore rose from ground, Gorg used ore to bash other strong ogres dead. Gorg not like the Horde, and Gorg wants Stonemaul out for following Warlord Rexxar.

Morg need Horde help, control island for Horde again!

For Warchief Vol’jin!


1) The Horde cannot hope to justify holding the island if they can’t extract value - have successfully extracted ore from at least 10 geysers at the end of the campaign.

2) Stonemaul Island was once the Horde’s home, and by all rights the Horde ogres still want to keep it - successfully control Mug’thols Temple, Brute’s Rise and Cho’gall’s throne at the end of the campaign.



As per your request, I have diverted parts of our footman shipments from Faldir’s Cove to the ruins of Lion’s Keep and made landfall.

Stone shipments from the Highlands have been meagre, but the Ironforge quarrymen have been plenty eager to chip in on a voluntary basis, and we should now have enough of a foothold to expand operations.

I request at your earliest convenience that more expeditionary units be diverted our way; the ogres have proven troublesome to rout now that they’ve tasted the power of Azerite.

King’s Honour,
Lieutenant Rowe


1) If High Command is to ever invest in Stonemaul Island long-term, it must prove itself a valuable asset - have successfully extracted ore from at least 10 geysers at the end of the campaign.

2) Wealthy nobility have claimed the the rights to the charter of Stonemaul Island by way of inheritance, the island needs be prepared for resettlement firstly of war refugees, later of their rightful lords - Control the eastern coastline between Brute’s Rise and Molten Quarry, and at least one location on the western coast (Warlord’s Rest, Ring of Conquest and Mug’thols Temple).

Privateer-Azerite Accord

"Mister Brunswick.

Through various acquaintances we seem to share I have been made aware of your company. As you may be aware there has been word of Azerite being found on the isle of Stonemaul. The Voice of Azeroth, a group dedicated to the healing of the world by the securing of Azerite to be fed back into the world.

The voice however cannot contend with the forces on this island so we wish to requisition your assistance in defeating the threats to this world. Your payment may be discussed in anywhere up to 50% of Azerite claimed.

Light's Blessings
Sir Morvuk Anvilfist."


1) Privateering can only ever take hold of the island again if they have access to a harbour. Hold access, by conquest or agreement, to either the Horde or Alliance harbours.

2) If no Azerite for Magni can be ensured, this accord would have basically been a failure. Secure at least 6 extractions of Azerite by the end of the campaign.

The factions have two sets of objectives - one that is publically known and listed, and a secret one that will at first only be told to their leaders. The secret objective will be a list of three that the leader(s) of each faction can pick between, to ensure that I, as a Horde organiser, won’t know which one the others went with either.

The ogre confederation will at first not try to make actions due to internal chaos on the first 2-3 days, but they may become a force to be reckoned with as the days progress.

If you’ve had luck with your public objectives at the end of the campaign, this counts as a victory, and will be reflected as such is the epilogue. If your faction manages to complete their secret objective, an artifact or a relic of some power will be bestowed upon you, to be used at your leisure!

Territory/Sphere of Influence

The area of the map that is coloured in your faction’s colour and is considered “safe to operate in” throughout the day, up until potential changes of ownership in the evening. “Safe” in this context means safe enough for peons and other easily-scared manual labourers to operate, as a reference point.


In order to ensure daily progression of the storyline, each faction has 5 “Action Points” to use every day at their leisure.

Leaders may ask the rest of their faction (or even outsiders) for input, but a list of their day’s actions are to be given OOC at 7:30PM each day, and actions can from then be plotted and played out.

The map will be updated to reflect changes day-to-day, so make the most of it!

The following is a general outline of actions and their cost, but others may be requested:

0 - Meet secretly with the leaders of another faction at a place bordering you.

1 - Build a barricade (Only possible on road unless otherwise specified. If built on the same day as an attack going by said road, no bonus)

1 - Hold a correspondence by messenger to the leaders of the other faction, if you hold no border with them.

1 - Move secret objective (Provided secret objective is a mobile object. Attacking the place the objective is moved from on the same day does not allow capture.)

1 - Extract Azerite - ticks up the amount of azerite your faction controls by one; requires at least one active azerite geyser within your Sphere of Influence.

1 - Raid area (Requires having a border with the area. Doesn't occupy territory raided, but does allow harvesting active Azerite geyser, releasing prisoners or capturing secret objective, if mobile. Raiding is possible through barricades, but cost 2 Action Points.)

2 - Attack area (Occupies territory if successful. Costs 3 Action Points if territory was already guarded by a barricade the day before)

2 - Raid area by sea (bypasses barricades, allows raiding the area same as above, but not capturing it.)

Resolving actions

Generally, actions come in 3 categories:

Players-to-NPC Faction combat actions are resolved by the faction’s own hosts, with the player hosts throwing 4 1-100 /rolls, and an NPC faction roll of 2 1-100 /rolls countering it. Whichever faction ends up having the highest rolls will win the confrontation, and determine whether the action is successful.

If at a later point the ogres are the ones attacking, the player hosts will be throwing 2 1-100 /rolls against 3 1-100 ogre /rolls.

This action resolution can also be requested by the leader of a faction with the caveat that success is subject to equal dice rolls, rather than weighted ones. This is useful if (for example) they’re attacked in two locations at the same time, and aren’t able to field a player response to one of them.

Faction-to-Faction combat actions and outcome is handled entirely by hosts of respective factions, unless otherwise requested by participants. RP-PvP, emote fighting and all other style of resolution are entirely allowed.

Non-combat or Dialogue actions are resolved by way of acting them out - be it a snide negotiator sent to exchange prisoners in return for information, or warriors overseeing the expansions of their reach by helping construct barricades.
Sign-up form:

Guild name:
Guild officers/reps:
Estimated attendees:
Faction: (H/A/N)

Current sign-ups:


Guild name: Frozen Paw Clan
Guild officers/reps: Rogmasha, Gorgrun, Lancellis
Estimated attendees: 10-15

Guild name: Duskwatch Outriders
Guild officers/reps: Styrros, Lianodel, Neshyn, Juveil, Adlis
Estimated attendees: 9-10

Guild name: The Valorsworn
Guild officers/reps: Eagleroar
Estimated attendees: 10

Guild name: The Bloodstained Unity
Guild officers: Teranhoya & Vealo
Estimated numbers: 10-20

Guild name: Orgrimmar Peon Union
Guild Officers: Gonk, Womp and Domp
Estimated numbers: 2-4

Guild name: Song of Honour
Guild officers/reps: Gakorash, Kerrda, Oathsworn
Estimated attendees: 5-10

Guild name: Red Venturers
Guild officers/reps: Watrus, Khaltarr
Estimated attendees: 2 - 5 (ooc; alt swapping may occur)

Guild name: Snowfang Syndicate.
Guild officers/reps: Veiàla, Koriahn, Voyomi.
Estimated Attendees- 5-10

Guild name: The Red Accord
Guild officers/reps: Eridael, Assorielle, Markstein
Estimated attendees: 5 - 10

Guild name: Orcs of the Red Blade
Guild officers: Kozgugore, Noshmarak, Trakmar, Kogra
Estimated attendees: 10-15

11/11/2018 18:13Posted by Jorríck
Guild name: The Hand of Agony
Guild officers/reps: jorríck, Iztok, Demingsworth, Jakie and Locknrot
Estimated attendees: 8-10

Guild name: Spire Division Zero
Guild officers/reps: Ðawnseeker, Aumellia
Estimated attendees: 8+


Guild name: Footman
Guild officers/reps: Matheson, Arnault
Estimated attendees: 5-7

Guild name: The Frozen Requiem
Guild officers/reps: Ravendar, Bornevalesh and Virol
Estimated attendees: 3-8

Guild name: Kestrel Company
Guild Officers: Tedde, Acthorne, Blackweald
Estimated Attendees: 8-12

Guild name: Nightfall Brigade
Guild officers/reps: Wilcöx
Estimated attendees: 10 - 15 (possibly more)

Guild name: The Three Hammers (as Hammerguard Battalion)
Contacts: Gemir, Khazmar
Estimated attendees: 4-10

Guild name: Moon and Fury
Guild officers/reps: Alystoria
Estimated attendees: 3-8

Guild name: Seventh Legion
Guild officers/reps: Théón or Neresa
Estimated attendees: 10-15

Guild name: WEIRD Company
Guild officers/reps: Framarr, Artharak, Melawen
Estimated attendees: 4-6

Guild name: Brennadam Volunteers
Guild officers/reps: Lúcius, Edward
Estimated attendees: 10+

Organisation name: The Adventerous Journey.
Offers/representitives: Sarikke
Estimated number: 15+

Guild name: Order of Ashryver
Guild officers/reps: Marianné, Davetth, Artaud
Estimated attendees: 10+

Guild name: Goldthorn Pathfinders
Guild officers/reps: Kothos, Dyzah, Rookthorne, Barmón, Malívous
Estimated attendees: 4 - 10


Guild name: The Myrmidon
Guild officers/reps: Gustov, Ernyá, Sorryl
Estimated attendees: 5-7 (Subject to change)

Guild name: Crimson Sun Brigade
Guild officers/reps: Koranith
Estimated attendees: 4-8 (Subject to change)

Guild name: Voice of Azeroth (multi-guild cross factional community)
Guild officers/reps: Morvuk (more being confirmed)
Estimated attendees: 10 (More exact estimation currently being made)

Guild name: Fishbone Marauders
Guild officers/reps: Yarrharr, Conley and Pirateoi.
Estimated attendees: ~5
Hey, that's pretty good.

I'm interested!
This sounds like it could be great fun!
Cool stuff! We do need more azerite battles like this.
Seems great fun! I'm very excited for the possibility, to be honest. Thanks, Rog!

I've been waiting for this DAY! HOIII! Please, make this happen.
23/10/2018 17:54Posted by Tozuko
Please, make this happen.

Whether it winds up being a PvE or mixed campaign we'll have to see, but I think the enthusiasm is there for this to happen, at least! You're not the only one who's been interested in seeing an event on Ashran happen, rest assured.

Preliminary hosting dates have been added, now.
If this goes to RP-PvP, I'll bring the Seventh down ^^
This is some good stuff! Whether it be RP-PvP or -PvE, we'll certainly be there to do our part!
Whatever happens with this I'd really like to see some medicine staff on hand ready to assist any soldiers that get wounded.
23/10/2018 18:24Posted by Théón
If this goes to RP-PvP, I'll bring the Seventh down ^^

Nightfall will join in as well, for the RP PvP. If you will have us.
23/10/2018 18:24Posted by Théón
If this goes to RP-PvP, I'll bring the Seventh down ^^

23/10/2018 21:26Posted by Wilcöx
23/10/2018 18:24Posted by Théón
If this goes to RP-PvP, I'll bring the Seventh down ^^

Nightfall will join in as well, for the RP PvP. If you will have us.

For those saying they'd be good with attending from Alliance, could I hear from you whether the dates work for you as well?

Preliminary dates are: 26th of November to 2nd (or 9th if extended) of December.
Was it not for the demonic incursion in Stranglethorn jungle, The Myrmidon would not be the crew it was made to be.

Great to see another campaign from Rogmasha that is similar in mechanics to JungleFever, I look back to that event as the beginning of what would be the best RP I have ever had.

Whilst myself and most of The Myrmidon have no interest in RP-PVP, the PVE aspects of the campaign are something we certainly are interested in; which brings me to ask:

Are neutral teams a possiblity? Like the Venture Co. in JungleFever with their own seperate objectives and the like?
23/10/2018 22:19Posted by Gustov
Are neutral teams a possiblity? Like the Venture Co. in JungleFever with their own seperate objectives and the like?

Yes! Although I'd prefer it if neutral-aligned guilds would try to group up a bit - Ashran is not as big a zone as STV, so we're a little more limited with the kind of territories we're working with, and the objectives that're open to us.

That said; I'll be adding a sign-up form so we can start to get some rough estimates on attendance; if there's enough interest for more than one neutral faction, no doubt we can figure something out.

Once we have a cohesive neutral group, I'd be happy to talk with whoever volunteers to lead it about objectives.
This looks amazing Rog!

A dam shame I'll miss it by two weeks though...

Oh well, best of luck!
The Voice of Azeroth are definately interested, I'll need to re-read this and digest the info in order to sign us up but I notice the sample maps, doesn't ashran require a que or has that changed since Legion?
23/10/2018 23:57Posted by Morvuk
doesn't ashran require a que or has that changed since Legion?

Ashran as of BfA is devoid of NPCs (the battleground bit of it doesn't exist anymore, basically), and I believe wholly devoid of sharding issues, given it's status as a zone older than the Legion zones that supposedly required it to work properly. You can, in fact, go there right now and explore!
Alright, thanks for the information, Rogmasha.

Guild name: The Myrmidon
Guild officers/reps: Gustov, Ernyá, Sorryl
Estimated attendees: 5-7 (Subject to change)
Faction: (N)

I have us down as down as neutral but there's a clear preferrence towards the Alliance. I'll keep an eye open to the nature of neutrality in this event and how you'd like to go about it.

Some kind of goal that would specifically benefit a guild or group of likeminded independants that would not necessarily be in the interests of either faction would be great. Whether it's just getting a hold of their own sweet sweet Azerite or something else, I'm open to discussion about it.

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