[H/A/N Campaign] Ogrepowered; Azerite Island Hopping

Argent Dawn
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Guild name: The Hand of Agony
Guild officers/reps: jorríck, Iztok, Demingsworth, Jakie and Locknrot
Estimated attendees: 8-10
Faction: (HORDE)
Can individuals receive invites to the discord?

Or is it just for guilds and guild leaders?
Greetings Rogmasha, I hope it is not yet late to sign up. Thank you for your patience either way; we needed to figure out a certain story direction in the guild before committing. :)

If we are still welcome, please find bellow the info!

Guild name: Spire Division Zero
Guild officers/reps: Ðawnseeker, Aumellia
Estimated attendees: 8+

Thank you!
I'd like to sign myself up as an individual for this, and also one more who may join me if that's alright.
Yarr, what amazing concept!
Guild name: Fishbone Marauders
Guild officers/reps: Yarrharr, Conley and Pirateoi.
Estimated attendees: ~5
Faction: (N)
If the Fishbone Marauders prove successful in their pursuit of restoring their crew and getting themselves a proper ship again, new goals must be found, a grim look on the horizon.
Evening peeps!

As one of the Alliance Coordinators I can get you guys into the campaign discord! Just chuck me a whisper when you are online and we'll get it sent your way¬
I've never taken part in massive RP before-I Would love to sign up! How do i go about doing that? :)
13/11/2018 19:57Posted by Lotusfist
I've never taken part in massive RP before-I Would love to sign up! How do i go about doing that? :)

Sign-up for individuals isn't necessary! Showing up while the campaign is active is about all we'll require (since there's going to be a lot of downtime roleplay as well), and you can ask Alliance guild leads/reps for an invitation to the Discord server.

People who have signed up above have been added to the list, I'll make sure you all get a Discord invitation as well!
So the Sisterhood wants in on this ooc and caught up with the news ic, but working for an NPC goes against what our guild stands for.

... Any Alliance with some golden weight hiring? :>
I always love a good fight, especially when its a chance to annoy those Alliance Dogs! count me in to turn up when possible.
Guild name: The Dawn Patrol
Guild officers/reps: Colleth
Estimated attendees: 3-5
Faction: Horde.

Scouting time!
Guild name: Sons of Silver
Guild officers/reps: Dervial, Belknap
Estimated attendees: 4-8
Faction: Alliance

Them hordies be looking at a Silver Backhand
I'd like to sign myself up as an individual!
Hey there! Too late to sign up? If not, here you go:

Guild name: Bladecrest Sentinels
Guild officers/rep: Saleysea, Ansaria, Thornsong, Trishina & Shyere
Estimated attendees: 6-12
Faction: Alliance

Very neat campaign idea!

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