some question about monk

how are you guys

as every one know ww monk suck on pvp atm

so i want to know how it will be in pvp 8.1 after changes ? specialy with reverse harm+touch of karma heal+new pvp talents

i can do good dmg but want to know how is survivability in 8.1 (pvp) ?

is ww monk will be viable again?
the answer to all these is: subject to change?

touch of death execute can be situational better than the current higher damage version but this is not to say in general circumstances.
karma at least from pvp is better because it doesnt require a target but still its the only means of defense and reduced compared to now (both on defense and offense value).
slightly higher base damage is of course always welcome.

better be prepared for a lot of suffering on this spec this xpac.
sry but i didnt understand anything except monk will stay bad

MW - One of the strongest healers in raid and M+
BrM - Possibly strongest raid tank and can hold it's ground in M+ (and seems to be winning ground there). Also, so far, no real nerfs announced, contrary to expectations...

Saying monk as whole is bad is a big statement. WW isn't to everybody's taste, but being middle of the pack isn't a bad thing, not everybody can be top. Just because WW was at the top at the end of Legion doesn't mean they have the divine right to stay there forever. Would be nice to see some of damage moved from TOD and Karma elsewhere, which is somewhat in the planning for 8.1, be it possibly badly executed, but I'm sure that will be corrected in due course if logs show it's required.
27/10/2018 21:35Posted by Nelvya

27/10/2018 21:35Posted by Nelvya
ww monk

28/10/2018 03:29Posted by Tamamura
MW - One of the strongest healers in raid and M+

28/10/2018 03:29Posted by Tamamura
BrM - Possibly strongest raid tank and can hold it's ground in M+
Thats not what the thread is about as you clearly can see.
Missed it being pvp specific, but I'd say Karma getting a healing component back is pretty positive for pvp, though I miss the legion defensives. Would like to see another defensive/self heal on top of Karma, i.e. bring back ascendance transfer healing, was fun to play around with...
We will get better, but still left behind in the dust.

What we need is real utility and for that we need the CD reduces on Legsweep and Incap. RoP is a good Talent, but bad as long we dont have things like Good Karma baseline.

Its so hard that you cant do anything for 60 seconds if they just pop trinket for your Legsweep. All you do is watch and hope your Mates dont die.

The FoF root will be better than what we have now, in most situations, in some it will even be worse, but it will never be as good as HHS from legion, that was mandatory.

Everyone could see that removing HHS will break WW Monk in PvP.
It will most likely not be much better since they just add talent changes, not baseline changes.

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