8.1 Feral fix/buff?

Thank god Fero bite extending the duration of rip is becoming baseline, i have no idea why that took so long.
First thought of "Primal wrath" was that it would be really cool, and maybe something that would let us aoe properly. Combined with "Scent of blood" you could make everything bleed with rip, thrash, and spam swipe a few times. But no, they made primal wrath and scent of blood a talent choise, what are you thinking... 2 of the 3 lvl 90 talents should be baseline.
Lunar inspiration is really good for making a rotation better, especially when you have bloodtalons, but it costs too much energy
Savage roar and brutal slash should be on the same talent choise.

Assassin rogues do insane dps, just by applying 2 bleeds and having poison on their weapon, hunters click 2 buttons and watch their pet do the rest. Feral druids can do every trick in the book, and still be behind everybody else.
Where do you get this information Sabertooth mechanics becoming baseline?

Last point was, Sabertooth was changed to extending duration by 4 sec per every combo point spent.
29/10/2018 15:51Posted by Dirtydruíd

You misread the change

it says

When used on targets below 25% health Ferocious Bite will also refresh the duration of your Rip on your target

red coloured as in removed mechanic.
No you read the notes wrong or they are easily misleading.

There is no baseline extending Rip duration.
Still only under Sabertooth.
The "removed" text is for the old fero bite.
Look at the grey text for sabertooth.... they are removing the 25% part.
The text says:
Ferocious Bite Finishing move that causes Physical damage per combo point and consumes up to ( Feral (Level 40) 10.0 ) 25 additional Energy to increase damage by up to 100%.
Ferocious Bite will also refresh the duration of your Rip on your target

Then, the actual sabertooth is changed, to make fero bite do 20% more dmg and increase the duration of rip on your target by 4 sec per combo point spent.

So it seems they merged the old sabertooth into fero bite, so it refreshes, but also, if you have the sabertooth talent, it does more dmg and gets a longer duration.

Which would make it good. But we still end up with 2 out of 3 lvl 90 talents that should be baseline, but now is a choise.

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