Owlkin Frenzy Sound

Hey Guys, Just recently started playing Druid but there is that one Sound called "Owlkin Frenzy" which is kinda annoying, Is there any way to remove it?
I've been playing Balance Druid seriously, for the first time in years. One of the things I noticed, especially late at night, was how annoying the Owlkin Frenzy sound was, especially when you are clearing old content and pulling huge packs!

So not long after I began to search how to remove or mute the Owlkin Frenzy sound, which once I noticed, was really grinding my feathers!

Incase anyone every found themselves here wondering the same thing:

How to silence Owlkin Frenzy sound.

Download the "addon" Mute Annoying WoW Sounds from Curse, and go into your World of Warcraft folder and create a folder named "Sound". In that folder create another folder named "Spells". In the Sound folder you downloaded from Curse, go into the "Spells" folder and find the OwlkinFrenzy file and copy it into the "Spells" folder you just created. No more impaled cow sounds!

Griffeth the Dwarf Warrior
Haha yeah I always disliked that sound.

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