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Hi Xathar, we could us another warlock! Maybe we'd be of interest: we raid 3 nights per week, but only for a total of 6 hours per week.
We are <AnV> of Frostmane, we are a laid back, relaxed guild and have been raiding together since 2008. We raid Mon/Weds/Thurs between 22.00 - 0.00 server time, and currently on 2/8M 8/8 HC. Our aim is to always clear heroic and as far into mythic that's comfortable for all, and having a good atmosphere along the way!

Interested? Check out our website: www.actaguild.org
Or if you prefer add me for a chat @ hellykins#2114
Afternoon Xathar, Im Geekidge a GM from an Alliance guild on Shadowsong, a medium pop realm i'll link the details below and let you see what you think,
We are heavily in need of 2-3 ranged dps and a lock would fit in perfectly:

Newly formed Semi-Hardcore Raid guild on Shadowsong 29/09/2018

Team is made up of mostly Ex-Mythic Raid Members from lots of various guilds and expansions!

Raid nights Wednesday&Sunday 20-2330 Game Time! Currently 3/8M

<Transparency> are looking for strong players to help build a strong raid team aiming for Mythic Progression and Realm #1! (Currently #6)

Add me ingame Geekidge#2987
I’ll talk to you guys when i get home from work tonight :)
Yo Kjell we're a semi belgian guild that's been looking for a lock for a while now.
Only created our guild 2 days before the raid released and happy to say we already cleared 2/8M with the group we have.

If you wanna know a lil bit more here's our wowprogress page

or if you just wanna come by for a chat here's our discord channel
Hi there man, if you didnt find yet, check us out ,)

Afternoon Xathar,

If you fancy coming to the right faction... I think we can offer you the home you're after.

You can find me on discord benathon#5103

Hope to speak with you soon.
Hey man,

I've added you on bnet, would love to have a chat and see if you want to represent the red faction ;)


08/11/2018 14:17Posted by Blukuqt
Hey man,

I've added you on bnet, would love to have a chat and see if you want to represent the red faction ;)


Yeh i saw you added me, i accepted you before i went to work, i’ll talk to you later today :)
<Res Novae>

Is a new raiding guild on EU-Silvermoon (recently transfered from EU-Turalyon) whose core has been founded back in 2007. We have a fun raiding environment with still wanting to progress as far as we can, which ultimatly translates into achieving in Mythic raids, pushing Mythic+ dungeons and trying some (R)BG's and have some laughs while doing it. We are a very versatile bunch and are still looking for a few raiders who are looking for a home in BFA.

We pretty much raided every expansion and one of our most memorable moments were World top 845: Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (25 player) achievement back in 2014.


Tuesday > 19:30-23:00
Wednesday > 19:30-23:00

Contact us:

Omerta#21965 (me)
Elysium is a guild on Draenor (Horde) that are currently on the look out for DPS to join our heroic progression relaxed raiding guild and progress with us through the current content and further upcoming raids. We are a family oriented guild and would love for you to be part of the family. We value passion and desire above all else!

Currently on 6/8 HC

Our current raiding times are Thursday and Sunday 9-12 server time. Apart from those raid times there is always someone on or something going on you can tag along to.

If interested let me know your battle tag or add me (UncleJamal#2989) and we can have a chat and go from there! Otherwise reply back to this post!

Look forward hearing from you!
Hi there

We are currently looking for another Warlock for our Mythic team. I saw that you are ideally looking for 2 days of raiding and raid an extra night, however I was unsure if it was a hard requirement or a preference so figured it was worth leaving you our details. If you like the look of our recruitment post below and think we would be a good home for you, please contact Misaya using the details below as we would love a chat with you:

(Battletag) Minininja#26903
(Discord) Cinder#2996

We look forward to hearing from you and if not, good luck with your search and I hope you find what you are looking for :)

Hey man

Nm - 8/8
HC - 8/8
M - 8/8

Check my post and if you would like a chat let me know



If your still looking for a guild, Jynx on Silvermoon is currently looking for the last couple of range dps to fill our team for mythic progression.

We are currently

8/8 N
8/8 HC
3/8 M

we raid on;

Wed 20:30-23:00
Mon 20:30-23:00
Sun 20:00-23:00

All times are server time.

we are also focusing on M+ and pushing keys on off nights that are arranged in discord or in game calendar.

If you would like too know more about us, please feel free to add me to battlenet for a chat!

heya u could contact me on discord jaycore#8306
br jay
Thanks for the responses everyone got some really nice offers, the people i didnt talk to yet ill talk to today :)
Still waiting for that chat mate bluku#2821 - I've re added anyway!

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