Normal WoW when Classic is released?

What will happen with "Normal" WoW when WoW Classic is released?

A lot of ppl will move to Classic to play it and the progress in there is really SLOW.
A lot of ppl will farm things in there for a long time (skills, talents, etc.).

What will happen with BfA WoWs queues? They are slow now, imagine how long you have to wait when Classic is out... Why Blizz divide WoW into 2 games... Will Normal WoW slowly die after this?
What I think is gonna happen is that : Todays generation can’t take the endless boring slog that is Vanillas leveling, and they will go back to normal WoW. =)
No it won't. There's a large population of players that will go into classic and quit because of the old mechanics. Say what you will about Vanilla wow, I love the game myself and I'll play it a ton, but those game mechanics are nothing compared to today's standards.
I could be wrong though, Vanilla could overtake current wow, I myself don't think it will but I sure hope it happens, because classic was a lot better in it's core design, the devs back then knew exactly what the game is going to be about. Maybe we could then see some changes on retail if it happens.
Nothing, classic is only something to lay back on when we are waiting for new content in the latest expansion
I wouldn't assume THAT many people go back for very long. Kind of like an Ex-partner. The memories of the time with them might seem positive, once you see them again, you remember why they are your Ex.
Classic wont have much affect on the "live" game at all.

The only difference it makes is that people will remain subbed for longer through the content draughts, because they'll just play classic inbetween their raiding and emissary / weeklies.

The new generation of gamers wont be able to handle classic's slow-pased gameplay and poorly aged models.
If anything having people play Classic is good for live since you will have less people complaining about lack of content if they are busy with classic instead of jumping around boralus waiting for queues etc.
Most people will be back within a week. Classic was great at the time, but I don't think many of us could stomach it today.
A lot of people will quickly get bored of Classic and come back to modern wow. Bliz aren't stupid they are tacking on classic to current bnet accounts so overall sub numbers are boosted and folk resub in order to play classic. They are also hoping that when folk see what classic was like back In the day and compare it to modern wow with all its QoL improvements etc people will start to realise that perhaps modern wow isn't that bad. It can also work the opposite and cause people to think classic is not for me, modern wow is not for me im out. It'll be an interesting time that's for sure. I wont be playing classic, I played in Vanilla I enjoyed it , it was a fresh experience we were a lot closer to rpg's back then we were all used to the downtime and overall slow gameplay so we accepted it and enjoyed it for the most part. The world and our mindsets have changed now its all about free stuff, stuff that requires little effort, max reward for zero effort, instant gratification etc.
It's the circle of life. I will as many others are returning back to 2005 and repeating the last 13 years all over again.

After another further 13 years, rinse and repeat.
Vanilla was about exploration, cruising the world of azeroth, everything felt so ... magic and great and unknown, but nowadays ?

You got complete lists of bis equip. You know what is best what is not, in few words : How to play that game. So for me, it will be nostalgic, but i m not sure if i m crazy enough to live and enjoy the PAIN it totally was :))

( i simply wont have time to play it even on casual lvl :D )
I think WoW Classic as a secondary server would be perfect for when you feel like playing WoW but you are a bit bored of the current game.

Personally I can't wait doing proper grouping again and dungeon crawling, ganking people in Blackrock Mountain, grinding for rare crafting recipes, standing on Ogrimmar with your full Tier 2...
Considering sub fee will apply for both version, it is completely irrelevant how many players will be where.
No matter how badly balanced the game becomes it wont be as bad as vanilla where there is no semblance of balance.

Additionally most people today wont bother with the ridiculously slow grind, and us who actually played it had enough, this is literally just for the few nostalgic people who are willing to pay(Because a majority of vanilla fans just want free server)

Plus when they announced classic would be on the ticket, the token barely budged, so the interest inst very big
Talent trees were so much better in classic wow.
I am sitting here reading these comments and smirking at how out of touch & naive some of them are, it's actually cute...

They haven't a clue how big Classic is and will be, trust me on that... then again, don't take my word for it, just wait and you'll see. I do find it cute though how some of these comments are casually brushing it off to the side, like "It won't be big bro, it's just a bunch of rose-tinted-glasses-wearing nerds who like slow paced, im-balanced WoW" like as if they're afraid to admit the potential for classic to be bigger than retail WoW.

They're severely underestimating the millions of people who do not play current WoW, but who will play classic, as well as the huge chunk of players who do play current WoW, but will play classic more than just for a dose of nostalgia. Also, I hear subs will be tied to both so don't worry about retail WoW.

At the end of the day, we all have our own opinions but the numbers don't lie.
08/11/2018 07:44Posted by Captaínßeer
A lot of ppl will move to Classic

I dont know a single one in the actual game, only some people in the Forums.

I dont think it will hav any impact.
08/11/2018 09:28Posted by Kattwilliams
They're severely underestimating the millions of people who do not play current WoW, but who will play classic

Good one, there is hardly millions that refuses to play current game but will play classic and if there are they will return for a while for nostalgic reasons. Classic will peak for a while but it will hardly take over.
08/11/2018 07:44Posted by Captaínßeer
What will happen with "Normal" WoW when WoW Classic is released?

What makes you think that your account is locked to one or the other or players won't play both?

It is the same logic that states that you cannot like more than one game of a particular genre.

what will actually happen is that the fanbois from each will be here on the forums throwing carp at each other waving their epeen around trying to claim one is better than the other while the rest of us carry on playing.
Ah people that havent really played level 60 & 70 will never understand why it was better and it will be better than retail.

Do you know what means being in a server where you actually have communities outside of your guild? With no cross realm and phasing and !@#$ you will actually feel like the whole server is a big guild.

Your looks and gear will actually get respected and ppl will admire you.Not like with this transmog travesty.

There wont be a thousand titles and mounts.Todays game feels like wizard 101 ( my nephew used to play it when he was 10 years old. I was playing Wotlk and i was so sad thinking that WoW will become such a trash game.)

Leveling will actually be interesting even it will be slow but atleast when u hit level 60 you will be proud of yourself.

Epic loot will actually give you goosebumps and legendaries are actually legendary.Not every casual prick will have it from DAY 1.

Yes mechanics are bad compared to retail.Most of the classes have 1 viable spec but it compared to BFA it will be alot better.

Personally i would prefer a BC edition since it was the peak of WoW series but vanilla is the second best for me.

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