Stuck in-game and don't know how to contact help

Technical Support
So i got stuck in-game and can't seem to do anything to save my character from this issue, but it turns out i can't make a ticket either in-game nor in the support.

To contact blizzard i need to fill in DXDIAG/MSINFO that i havn't the slightest idea what is, and the help thread doesn't enlighten me either on what to do.
Hey Byako,

In what way are you stuck? If your character is not able to move, try using the option to move your character.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
I had a disconnect in arathi and when relogging i found myself dead in hinterlands with no way to get back to my body, speaking to the spirithealer or using teleport to graveyard would just disconnect me again, also tried to have a friend ressurrect me but my body was an invalid target, will try that link now.

The link provided solved my issue, thanks.

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