Endgame Prolific <A> 2 Day Mythic Guild Ravencrest

About us:
Endgame Prolific was formed on Alliance Ravencrest-EU towards the end of the Legion expansion by a group of returning players who have been playing at the highest end of progression in the past. Since our inception, our primary aim was to be able to recruit capable players and form an environment with like minded individuals for BfA. We have surpassed our initial expectations in player recruitment and have established the environment necessary for mythic raiding.

We are currently 2/8 Mythic and pushing.

Why join Endgame Prolific?
If you are someone who has reached mythic progression, but has struggled to complete tier progress. Then we have the ambition and understanding to achieve that.
If you have been at the cutting edge of progression before, but have had time off for an expansion or two. We value the skills that made you reach such progression and know that this period is the right time to relearn and achieve those heights once more.

Raid days & times:
Wednesday & Monday: 19.30-23.00 (Mythic Raiding)
During the first 3 weeks of the first tier raid we will also be adding an extra raid day to help reach our goals more easily. This would be optional but highly desirable to have players able to make this temporary schedule.
After the 3 weeks we revert back to 2 day mythic raiding and an optional 3rd day for heroic content.

What are we recruiting?
We are recruiting DPS classes currently, with priority on Warlocks, Balance Druids, Frost DK’s and Mages.
DPS players who can flex to healing roles will always have an advantage.

We are recruiting a Resto Shaman on a high priority.

Interested in applying?

Please fill in our application form https://goo.gl/forms/CcrgqsBYh22RuFm23
and you can reach us also on CollieDoc#2634
Bump for recruitment.

We are currently looking for a Resto Shaman, Mage and Warlock, preferably with a raid ready alt so that we have more roster flexibility.

Message me on bnet for more info


Recruitment open

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