Best mage WORLD lf mythic guild

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to say that best mage alive atm is looking for mythic raiding guild for new tier. I am willing to change server but kazzak is also good. I will prob boost whatever guild I will join. I'm lf a strong guild who clear a few mythic bosses first weeks and progress from there.

Whoever bid the highest amount of golds in comment section below I will contact for a 6 months contract with me ( Only serious bids )

Thank you.
Dont want break it up for you but you are not exactly alive when you are undead.
1. Sign up with Method, who will ofc be overjoyed you accepted them.
2. Stream your progression.
3. Profit!!!
29/10/2018 23:11Posted by Gráinne
1. Sign up with Method, who will ofc be overjoyed you accepted them.

I'm honestly shocked they haven't contacted you yet.
What does best mage world even need a guild for? I'm sure your exceptional talents would be wasted having to carry 19 subpar players, they would only slow you down. As they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself.
I believe in you, oh great god of all things mage. Singlehandedly unleash your frozen fury upon the inferior denizens of mythic Uldir. Embrace your destiny.
my mage is worldsbest.
Yo dear best mage, my guilds progressin on Zululu mythic atm, we could use a 1337 magelord since they absolutely rock the dps there!
Sure snowflake
I want to believe a Gaming god like you will be able to clear the Raid on his own thanks to his superior skills no ?
I wish you good luck on your search for greatness in these dark times.
Any mobs to spellsteal from in mythic? :)
Thanks,I needed the laugh!
I'm not looking for a guild but ty for opening a topic
Can you be our new raid leader?
I bid 387G
30/10/2018 08:39Posted by Flace
I bid 387G

I'm going to raise that... 387g and one Anchor weed to smoke together Flace! XD
What does it mean Best Mage in the World? Can he matches Jaina or Khadgar? Sure he's not pretty like them...
I’d be amazed if anyone actually wants you lol

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