LF Resto Druid for Arena 2's and 3's

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Resto Druid for 2v2 and 3v3 Arena Games. Warrior Hunter Druid

We are mature long time players recently returned from six year break. We play a Hunter & Warrior currently in 2v2, however we find 3's are more fun.

No gear level required. Bear in mind we are not very good. We are learning though. An experienced player with the patience to give us advice and help push rating would be great. Another Noobie willing to take the loses in good spirit is also suitable.

From pugs we have 1.2k rating. Our only expectation is that you join us on the chat. We play most evenings until very late into the wee small hours.

We wont be getting Gladiator titles, but we are chilled and fun to be online with.

Post here or whisper me or Sandalius in game.
We got someone. thanks for the replies.

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