[H]<Tranquillity> 3/8HC 8/8NM

Twisting Nether
<Tranquillity> 3/8 HC 8/8 NM is recruiting Ranged & Melee DPS and healers to continue progression in Heroic. Raiding wednesdays and sundays.

What are we looking for?

Currently we've got Ranged & Melee DPS and healer spots to fill out our core team. We're looking for players who can attend both nights from 8:00 until 11:00. We're looking for friendly, mature players, it doesn't matter if BFA is your first expansion or if you are a veteran, as long as you have the right attitude, you'll fit right in.

What can Tranquillity offer you?

We offer a friendly and focused raiding environment led by players with years of experience. We provide flasks and repairs for our core-members and recruit with a 'bring the player, not the class' type of philosophy.

Where do I sign up?

You can reach out to us ingame, by messaging myself, TheLymus, Umthahrkh, Nythaesia or by messaging me on discord @ Lymus#6147

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