New proffession stuff in 8.1


Profession Questlines & Profession Items
New Tools of the Trade questlines will provide profession users will a special item that they can use. We've summarized the items below, see the screenshot for the specific wording.

Blacksmithing: Repairs Armor to full durability (1 hr cooldown) and when crafting using Blacksmithing, the armor or weapon can add the Indestructible property.

Alchemy: You can transmute the sphere into another object for one hour. Allows use of cauldrons in the world.

Inscription: Siphons blood from nearby corpses, healing you. Allows for creation of Blood contracts.

Enchanting: Use 1 Veiled Crystal to animate an inert golem. Gain extra resources when disenchanting.

Engineering: Summons an Ub3r to assist you for 20 seconds (5 min cooldown). Enbales the engineer to construct Ub3r-constructs.

Jewelcrafting: Unsocket Gems in gear. Interact with shrines in the world.

Leatherworking: Summons a special mount. Can interact with drums in the world, granting a buff for 1 hour.

Tailoring: Can mend tears in the fabric of time. Cloth displaced in time can be found more often.

So here is the missing Khazgorian hammer.
I will be quite interested in seeing what the alchemy sphere does.
Always lovely to get more DE mats from enchanting
The Jewelcrafting one is amazing, ability to unsocket gems, as well to gain gems from shrines. The text in the screenshot says focusing light into the shrines to create a geode of gems.
The question remains: it it worth the trouble?
Like missions can bring in resources. You know the rates.
I think you posted in the wrong thread, made no sense here.

And the resource items for Missions is not worth it. The chance is simply too tiny.
Love that we Blacksmithers are able to repair and forge indestructible gear, sad to see no new recipes added but alright.

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