Rogue PVE?

Hello, second char on BFA, I find out outlaw so fun to play cd's burst on npc's and sometimes in bg but I wish to ask more exp. players of rogue class, which one you reccomend for PVE:
outlaw for mythic+ or it can go raid ? Or sin both ? I am confused I didnt play meelee before only warlock,*I am planning to do raiding and mythics as high as I can.
And so I know should i get daggers or some crazy weapons axes and swords ^^

Thanks for you answer, and yes i tried to watch youtube but its all confusing !

Thank you for your time

All the rogues in Uldir currently are pretty much on par with eachother.

I personally find Outlaw to be the most fun spec to raid and do mythic+ with. You won't have trouble being in a Mythic raiding team as an outlaw if you know your stuff. (From personal experience.)
My thoughts:

Sin: overall good for everything, lacks fast AoE clearing unless u put them bleeds up fast as !@#$ on all. Really strong ST dmg. (Great for Mythic+, Great for Raids, Great for PvP)
Sub: great but feels dull imo. Strong ST and so so AoE. Very good at Mythic Zul. Hardest rog spec to master i'd say. (Good in Mythic+, Good in Raids, Good in Pvp)
Outlaw: Insane cleave/aoe, best aoe of all specs if you got good rolls or if u go snake eyes. ST is also good but again all depends on the RNG of the Bones. (Great in Mythic+, Good in Raids where u can cleave, Decent in PvP, have yet to experience an outlaw who beat me in arena)

To sum up: Sin, overall great in all fights. Outlaw, fast AoE clearing. Sin good ST dont know the spec too well so cant really say much.
In my past raids, i was outlaw on zul and won dps over sin but not sub. I was sin in all other fights and won over sub everytime.
Baconmuffin and Anween, thank you for your answers, specialy to Bacon because u tried to explain me everything !

So i will definetly try to get some outlaw for begining of my pve as soon I reach 120, heroics random, start of mythics than i will farm some daggers as it goes higher level mythics and raiding, and to enjoy with daggers in PvP !

May I ask you for outlaw is there rule like dagger-Sword/axe or it can be both hands Axe/sword/mace.... Does it depend on speed or something ?

Really thanks for all your time
assa: double dagger
sub: double dagger (offhand can be slow but needs to be 40 ilvls higher for it to be better iirc)
outlaw: main hand slow, offhand doesn't matter

as for specs you can play easily whatever you like if you're not doing particularly hardcore content. all 3 specs are good. assa is the easiest to play, so as a beginner you'll probably have your best results with that.
All 3 specs are viable for any content. What you can play will depend on preference, what gear you get and what is optimal for the content you are doing.

Assassination has excellent cleave on ~ up to 4 - 5 targets and very good burst on a single target with a relatively short cooldown. It's fairly easy to play while having stuff you can min/max. Shrouded Suffocation traits are a must for M+. Garrote silence can be really useful, but situational. Passively slows everything via Crippling Poison, which can be both good and bad (thankfully you can just not use Crippling Poison if you don't want the slow).

Outlaw is the sustained AoE spec. The more targets the more damage you deal. Can burst AoE if specced into the right talents, but otherwise has a more steady damage output with less impactful cooldowns compared to the other specs. Falls behind the other specs on single target, but not by enough for it to be an issue. Has absurd amounts of single target crowd control, which makes it extremely useful for encounters where you need to interrupt a lot of things. You also have to manage an RNG buff, which can be both fun and frustrating at times. Oh, and Acrobatic Strikes is bloody amazing for group content.

Subtlety is easily the most unique of the specs because of the way it funnels AoE damage into a single target. Deals absurd single target damage as long as there are ~3 - 6 targets to Shuriken Storm. AoE is OK, but nothing to get excited about. Has a massive burst window when stacking Symbols, Shadow Blades and Shadow Dance, but does fairly unimpressive damage while outside of the Symbols + Shadow Dance window. Decent CC options, but everything is a stun, so you can run into diminishing returns real fast. Generally, if whatever you are doing has priority targets that need to die quickly (e.g. shrine of the storms) Sub is the way to go.

Only outlaw requires weapons other than daggers, as already mentioned above. Assassination requires 2 daggers. Sub needs a single dagger, but can function with a non-dagger off-hand (it's far from ideal tho). Outlaw is best with two non-dagger weapons, but the offhand matters far less than the main hand so you can use a dagger for that if you don't have anything better.

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