Delete Warlock Class

Its the problem for almost all dps classes. They are boooooooring.
Example : check the warrior class. Before mop it used to be fun class by switching weapons and equiping shields , stance dancing , and right now just charge roflstomp your enemys by spaming two abilitys till they get to execute range and then kill them.
gonna kill myself soon
its not about dps its about fun every spec plays like dog!@#$ sry
13/11/2018 22:31Posted by MoonDan
gonna kill myself soon

Crying about WL in PvE currently is a joke. PvP were no fun and even with ID stacking barely competitive but PvE is completly fine. If you think affliction is "not good to play" i dont know if you ever played aff cuz its pretty much in the simplest state its ever been
Comparing fun and numbers does´nt really add up to a sum.

I enjoy my warlock a lot, but when running with friends and my overall dmg is lower than similar geared classes on run after run in m+, fun also starts being lower in total as well.

For many many years i refused to use dmg-meters because as long as you have fun you can play and enjoy the game. But they are a great tool for improving my gameplay as well as looking into comapring my gameplay to others.

On tyrannical weeks i do great on most bossfights, but i´m not doing 20% or 50% better great. I´m doing 0-4k dps more or less than my friends, but on most trash i´m doing 10-40k less dmg than them, which is really hurting on fortified weeks.

And it also removes some of the "does´nt matter what class you bring". fine if i´m 20% better at bosses and 20% worse on trash or vice versa, but problem is that other classes are 50% better on trash and 5-10% worse on bosses. That does´nt add up at all.

This is causing the problems for us to miss timers and runs get into a stage of not fun when we all feel the class i´m playing is not performing on par with other classes.

As gear-swaps was removed from m+ this is even more hurting than before due to azerite traits like sudden onset vs cascading calamity, both which offers differnt playstiles but both being significantly less usefull for trash/boss than the other.

This have so far made me go with my dh more and more until it´s geared up properly, then i´ll probably switch between them depending on if it´s a tyrannical or fortified week as the DH pretty much can rip through both trash and bosses without loosing any great utility.

Yes, healthstones are pretty damn good in a m+ setting, but it´s not going to make up for the dmg loss and trash living longer than nessecary.

I´ve been looking into a lot of other warlocks that play m+ as well and they have the similar situations no matter of composition. On some trash, yes, we can be on par with other classes but on the overall we are still lackluster and sometimes even comparable to the tank´s overall dmg.

I neither raid or do any proper pvping thus having no feedback or input there at all.
If Warlocks got deleted who would take our place as having the best cloth tmogs?
Regarding PvP:

27/10/2018 18:46Posted by Lightness
"Oh blizz im playing affliction lock and I can't win" ,meanwhile throw all dots and spam drainlife with the tankiness of a blood dk with mythic gear. Sure pals your class is bad , we know it.

Would you mind to stay away from the warlock forum with your delusional opinion on our class?

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