(A) Warlock - 1/8m. 9/11m Antorus

Emerald Dream / Terenas

I rerolled to Alliance now again so I’ve decided to start looking for a new home should the time come. I’ve played since vanilla from varying degrees from very hardcore to casual, both pve and pvp. I’m 27 years old from Sweden with a stable connection, powerful computer, good internet and working mic I’m willing to use.

What I’m looking for:
A guild raiding anything from 1-3 days per week, with start around 19:00 server time. I cannot commit earlier than 18:00 currently.

My character(s) (Emerald Dream EU)
Main: Flúttershy.
Alt: Jophiel, resto/balance druid 371
Alt: Jophíel, havoc dh 376
I got 7 characters at 120 with 370 ilvl but, i got my sight set on playing my beloved warlock again.
With over 250 Days played on this warlock, on my other warlocks i have around 100days played aswell.

My current tier progress
Uldir Heroic 8/8, Mythic 1/8 (exp from 3/8)

I’m a committed player with limited playtime and do everything I can to make the most of it. I do my very best to deliver good results while always following what’s told. I’ve raided at cutting edge level and I know what it takes and what’s needed from me. I’m always there for the best of the group.

If you got a place that could fit and would be interested in getting in touch with me please let me know, either here, in-game or on discord.

Bnet: Devada#2446
Discord: Jophiel#3864

Thanks and best regards Fluttershy!

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