Aspirant shoulders and breastplate

Do these two items have any sort of requirement to drop? I haven't seen them once and I did a fair share of BGs and opened a handful of airdrops in warmode.

I only want them for transmog really...and as Blizzard already said that we will not be able to buy these old sets as soon as the current season ends I rather farm them now then wait even longer.
Another push. Nobody has an idea? I actually start to believe that these two items simply do not exist in the loottable, because someone forgot to put them back in or something.

I mean how many BGs do I have to play to finally get them? Or are they bound to an itemlevel meaning that I have to level up a alt without any gear and then hope that they drop sooner or later?
I have the shoulers, but only need the chest before I have all parts. So its just about luck :)
They do exist. Even weapons. But it seems that the other pieces have a higher chance to drop for some reason. Or just unlucky. You never know how they developed this bullsh1t RNG system really.

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