Reduce Honor for Honor Levels

Like for real reduce it 8800 for 1 level they are like 500 honor levels by now it will take 1 zilion years to get it and also reduce the dmg on Demolishers on Isle of Conquest it 2 shots you!!!
I liked the old system. They should have just added the account wide part. I still can't fathom how Blizzard can just defy anything they touch.
I also feel the grind is a bit too much atm, I just resubscribed for bgs. Its really the only thing I do once I'm online and its going to take me about a year to reach 175 honor level for the pennant (im at 67 atm). I mean, I'm playing because bgs are fun, but one year grind seems a bit much.

Edit: I understand its all about how much time you put in, maybe the grind isnt too bad if I could play more hours each day.
No, make no mistake, the grind is bad.

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