Illidari in silvermoon

I have a backstory in mind for my DH, that will involve trying to reintegrate into blood elf society. Lord Illidan knew the way, but now (post legion) this character just wants out from all that DH stuff.

What challenges might he face? Would he be able to make a residence in silvermoon, or eversong woods? I imagine he would be quite the novelty at parties, if he plays his connections well.
When it comes to Blood Elf society, a Demon Hunter would likely get 1 of 2 very different responses depending on who they met!

There would be those Blood Elves who would wish to put the Fel behind them; and all the tragic events associated with it; and remember how its use could have damned their entire race. A Demon Hunter; especially depending on his level of corruption; would be a walking, talking reminder of the Fel. You would make no friends with those.

On the other hand, Blood Elves have a long history of being very open-minded about magic, and that won't just vanish overnight despite their troubled history. As such, there's doubtless many Blood Elves who still think that things such as the fel, warlocks, demon hunters and demons are both exotic and exciting!

As such, I would expect a normal day in Silvermoon to consist of being dismissed and shunned during the day; but also being invited to extravagant parties during the night, and you'd probably be asked if you could bring any demonic friends while at it.

In short, you'd have an easier time than your Night Elf colleagues for sure!
13/11/2018 21:11Posted by Zirahael
In short, you'd have an easier time than your Night Elf colleagues for sure!

also expect people to view you as an interesting toy rather than a person.

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